Safety yellow sweatshirts

High Visibility Gear For Construction Crews

Outdoor construction work, whether on a building or on the road or off-road, can be a hazardous occupation, with risks of falling, getting hit by falling objects, or struck by cars, motorcycles, or construction vehicles. Serious injury such as broken bones or concussions could occur, so to cut down on this danger, such crews wear high visibility clothing, which is a nuanced and detailed industry. Cargo work pants with reflective tape are just one example, along with a custom reflective vest, high vis pants, safety shirts, and more. With the right gear and awareness of his surroundings, a worker can avoid injury and be highly visible to nearby motorists.

The Stats of Work Safety

Working outdoors on construction and repair can carry certain safety risks, often with different risks to various age groups. After all, construction crew members are active and move about, walki (more…)

06 Oct 2018