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Black Gossip, Black Celebrities, and Everything In Between

Right now, the combined revenue for the celebrity gossip industry has managed to break through to $3 billion per year. This is impressive, to say the least, and points to the popularity of urban news, celebrity news, and black gossip. People love celebrities and love consuming the news that surrounds them as well!

Harvard Business School conducted a study in the year of 2011. This study revealed that when a company signs a big-name endorser, it can increase their sales by nearly $10 million every single year and a .25% increase in stock returns as well! So this is just one stat that points to how much people care about the latest celebrity news and black gossip.

Tyra Banks is the first African American to be featured on the covers of GQ in February 1996, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1996, and Victoria’s Secret lingerie catalog. She broke th (more…)

29 May 2018

4 Times Silver Gifts Make Sense

Silver gifts are popular for many reasons. The two most precious metals that are used in jewelry is silver and gold, and the word “silver” is the same in about 14 different countries. There are many reasons that silver, sterling silver and silver overlay technique jewelry and other gifts are so popular. Despite their popularity there are times that you may never think about when silver items make a wonderful gift. Read below to see a few instances when silver is an excellent choice for a gift idea.

25th Wedding Anniversary

Everyone associates silver with a couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. This is a perfect opportunity to find that special sterling vase, sterling silver tea set, sterling silver picture frames, or any other silver item or items with (more…)

22 May 2018

Two Key Facts On Organizations That Accept Clothing Donations

A recent survey was conducted amongst Americans in regards to donations and charities. This survey revealed that just about 95% of all Americans are participating at some level in charitable giving. This is good, however, plenty of people are still asking where can I donate clothes? Anyone asking this question should read more about organizations that accept clothing donations below:

Unfortunately, clothing has one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable material. Americans will either donate or recycle just about 15% of their used clothing and the rest, which is nearly 10.5 million tons, will go into landfills each year. While 15% is a good starting point, it is important this number grows. Finding the best organizations that accept clothing donations is a sure-fire way to get clothing to those who need it.

The average American tosses 82 pounds of textile waste each year. This is a lot of textile waste and it is important that it is instead recycled or donated to take (more…)

02 May 2018

Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry 101 How To Find The Pieces That Re Right For You

What You Need to Know About Various Types Of Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry

    If you are someone who is planning a wedding, you have come to the right place. When it comes to a wedding there are many factors to consider, and one of the most important is the outfit brides wear for the day! Consider, that jewelry makes up a large component of the outfit, so finding types of sea glass wedding jewelry for the special day is important. Keep reading below for critical information regarding sea glass wedding jewelry ideas, as you want to look and feel your best on your special day.

    1. Sea glass has a long-rooted history and there is even a special organization dedicated to sea glass jewelry, so consider reaching out for advice if you are looking for a special piece as a gift.

    Keep in mind, that sea glass has existed since before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia, and can be found all over the world. Further, In 2007, the North American Sea Glass Association became (more…)

02 May 2018