Month: November 2016

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Men Are a Growing Force in Shoe Sales

When it comes to who buys shoes, most people immediately think of women. Though the notion that all women have dozens of pairs of shoes is a stereotype that isn’t necessarily true, it is true that women buy most shoes. For example, men’s dress shoes account for only about 6% of the total shoe market. […]

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3 Ways You Benefit From Volunteering

According to researchers from Harvard Business School, ?Happier people give more and giving makes people happier, such that happiness and giving may operate in a positive feedback loop.? In other words, giving can be addicting. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of charities and nonprofit organizations in the United States. People all over the country […]

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Five Things to Consider While Shopping for Table Linens Rentals

Are you shopping for specialty linen rental companies? Finding the right specialty linen rentals really puts a special touch on your big day, and the opposite is true: if you put your faith in the wrong specialty linen rental company, it can really put a dent in the ambiance and visual appeal of your wedding. […]

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