Five Things to Consider While Shopping for Table Linens Rentals

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Are you shopping for specialty linen rental companies? Finding the right specialty linen rentals really puts a special touch on your big day, and the opposite is true: if you put your faith in the wrong specialty linen rental company, it can really put a dent in the ambiance and visual appeal of your wedding. To help you avoid any specialty linen rental fiascos, check out our list of things to consider while renting linens for a wedding reception:

Five Things to Consider While Shopping for Table Linens for Rent

  1. Experience in the industry.

    There are about a million little issue that can go wrong on your wedding day, and at least a few thousand apply to your table linens. While this might be your first time planning a wedding, if the linen company you’re working with has been down this road a thousand times, they’ll know how to avoid the most common pitfalls. When you work with a table linen rental company who has been in the business for years and years, chances are, they’ve seen it all. Choosing a linen provider who has provided linens for weddings before you were born might help you avoid a hassle that you never knew existed until you’re knee deep in it.

    On this topic as well, all of the table linen companies that you talk to are going to try to present themselves in the best light possible. They aren’t going to tell you, “We present half-hearted work and you’ll regret using us.” However, when a table linen provider has been in business for years and years, satisfying their clients and maintaining a good reputation, you know that they’re doing something right. Experience in the table linen business cannot be faked.

  2. Partnerships With Other Wedding Supply Providers

    When you work with a table linen provider who is recommended to you by your table supplier or your venue, you know that all of the components of your wedding will be cohesive. Your wedding providers work together often; your linen provider knows where and when to drop off the linens to ensure they are on the tables as they should in time. You know that the tables you rented are the right size and shape for the linens you ordered, because they work in partnership with each other.

    While you might not have rented table linens before, the staff who works with your venue or other wedding suppliers work with table linen providers on a regular basis. If there is a provider who should be avoided, or one who provides superior service, they would be in the know on it.

  3. A Variety of Linen Colors, Shapes, and Fabrics

    You shouldn’t have to compromise the vision you have for your wedding day because it’s all that is available. Look around at the inventory that the linen provider has and make sure that they offer a variety of product colors, materials, and styles. Your wedding might evolve a bit from concept to reality, if your linen provider has a large inventory, they’ll be able to shift with you.
  4. A Family Owned Company

    When you rent your linens from a nameless, big-box linen provider, the staff who provides your linens have no vested interest in your big day. If there is a simple way that they could make your big day extra amazing, it doesn’t really benefit them to go out of their way to provide it. Meanwhile, when you use a small, family-owned business, their success depends on your satisfaction. They care that you love the experience that you have with them. They care that you recommend their service to your friends. Choosing a small linen provider generally results in great service.

    As an added bonus, when you use local businesses, the money you spend stays in your local economy. This is what we call a win-win.

  5. Combined Product Offerings

    We know that you have a hundred and fifty arrangements to make for you big day. When you use a linen provider who also supplies tables and chairs, it knocks two items off your list in one she-bang. Additionally, sometimes service providers who offer several wedding services are willing to give you a better deal if you bundle than if you’d ordered them separately.

Do you have any other tips for choosing table linens? Share below!
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