Thinking Of Buying A Leather Tote Or Leather Belt? Check Out These Leather Maintenance Tips

Leather bracelets

What, exactly, is the appeal of fine leather goods? Whether it’s a classic leather belt or trendy leather briefcases for travel, there’s just something about this material that keeps people coming back time and time again. With more businessowners and entrepreneurs attempting to find a balance between functional and fashionable, fine leather goods have been making a retrograde style comeback in countless industries across the world. Thinking of finding a new addition to your wardrobe? Let’s take a look at what the elegance of leather can bring to your day-to-day life.

History Of Leather

It’s not hard to see why fine leather goods have withstood the test of time. They’ve been around for a long, long while. Dating all the way back to ancient Rome and Greece, leather has been a nigh irreplaceable material in many industries for its combination of toughness, beauty and reliability. It’s estimated 3% of households with an annual income of $100,000 or more spent at least $1,000 on men’s belts, gloves and wallets in 2015 alone. The year 2009 saw the value of American leather belts amounting to nearly $92 million. That’s pretty impressive! But how does this translate to fashion?

Development Of Design

From the iconic aviator jacket to stylish sandals and gloves, countless designers across the world helped pioneer fine leather goods over the decades. In fact, you’d be hardpressed to find a store or boutique that doesn’t have some form of leather on display! European designers such as Claude Montana, Versace, Ungaro, Gucci, Alaia and Fendi all lead the pack in quality leather design from the 1970’s to the 1980’s. Surveys have shown more than 23 billion square feet of leather produced in 2007 alone, with figures estimating this will only keep rising as demand does.

Modern Fashion

Did you know film and fashion celebrity Chloe Grace Moretz modeled leather goods for multiple campaigns in early 2016? She’s not the only one helping shed light on this quality material, either. Decorating with leather goods in the luxury industry has only become more and more popular as of recent years, according to leather specialist Absolute Breton. Leather tote bags and messenger bags are one of the most popular choices for both teenagers and adults, while leather gloves have yet to fall out of favor for many. But it’s not enough to simply buy leather. You need to take good care of it.

Maintenance Routines

Although fine leather goods are known for their combination of grace and durability, they can still become susceptible to damage if not properly taken care of. Exposure to long periods of relatively low humidities (such as 40% or lower) can cause leather to become desiccated, changing the fibrous structure of the leather from the foundation and ruining its texture and feel. Leather is also notoriously susceptible to absorbing oils and absolutely must be handled with clean hands — clean your tote bags or womens leather bracelets every six months or so to avoid soiling and water spotting.

Finding The Right Leather Goods

Do you want to find a pair of leather belts to bolster your social image or are you more interested in functional leather messenger bags when heading to university? Whatever your need, you can expect leather goods to deliver on all fronts. Most types of leather can be reduced down to the four categories — full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain and split leather. Top-grain and full-grain are widely considered the highest leather of quality, easily the preferred choice for leather accessories. With leather goods on your side, anything is possible!