Are You Getting Ready for a Camping Trip? Why You Should Break In New Shoes First

Mens waterproof shoes

There has never been a better time to explore the outdoors: experts estimate that there are more than 40 million hikers, and that hiking and camping are among the most popular sports in the United States. If you spend quality time outside, you should know that mens and womens hiking shoes are the most important investment that you can make. If you are on a long thru-hike and develop problems with your hiking shoes, you may not have a way to make it safely back home. Buying shoes that fit — and taking the time to break them in — should be at the top of every hiker’s priority list. In general, you should look for womens waterproof walking shoes and hiking boots and plan to spend at least a few weeks breaking them in.

Expert hikers consistently report that a lighter shoe is a better one. If your walking or hiking shoes are too heavy, then you will not enjoy yourself as much when you spend time outdoors. Every pound that your shoes weigh feels like at least five pounds to your back and neck: when you are carrying a tent and other camping supplies, you could be draining yourself without even realizing it. When you select womens waterproof hiking shoes, try them on in the store if you can. You are looking for at least half an inch of room at the top, by your toes. When you get the new shoes home, wear them for about half an hour at first and make sure that you wear the same socks you plan to hike in.

There is a big difference between shoes that are tight because they are new and shoes that are uncomfortable, but it can take a few days to tell sometimes. Once you have your shoes contoured to your feet, you can take them on short jaunts. It’s probably a good idea to hike without a pack at first and to bring your old hiking shoes. Womens waterproof hiking shoes that fit well and that are comfortable is everyone’s goal, but if you get out onto the trail and you’re getting blisters, take the shoes off immediately and start to look into buying a different brand of shoes. If your womens waterproof hiking shoes fit almost perfectly but still have one or two stress points, you can take it into your local hiking supply store for some localized stretching.

Finding the right womens waterproof hiking shoes is the first step, but once you have them broken in to your liking, the next step is to choose your outdoor adventure. There is a wide range of outdoor activity that’s available to the general public, and you might be surprised at the national parks and outdoor sports clubs that exist in your local area. There are zip lines around the world that are available to the general public, and hiking trails that are clearly marked for different skill levels.

If you’re new to outdoor hiking, you should perform a search online before you commit to a trail: some people hike for the view, but others hike to get to the top of challenging mountains. Pick a degree of difficulty that you feel comfortable with, and if you realize that you’re in for more than you bargained for, it’s okay to turn around and start walking back to the beginning of the trail. Being outdoors should be fun, not stressful. Too often, beginners feel the need to push themselves too far without knowing the limits of their endurance – and their gear. More experienced hikers are not afraid to turn back in inclement weather, but they also know that they should pack rain gear “just in case.” If you’re thinking of hiking for the first time, choose a gentle path and have fun just being outside. Bring the right gear, and take the time to break in your hiking shoes in advance.