Month: October 2017

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Masks, Gloves And Vests What Every Worker Needs To Protect Themselves On The Job

Safety is a daily affair. When you work in a hazardous environment? Even more so. Without the benefit of thick gloves and fluorescent vests more workers would succumb to injury or illness on the job, both of which you need to keep in mind every single time you clock on. Slips, trips, falls, minor illness […]

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Why Donating Clothes to Veterans Is Important

There is very little that most people know in terms of the financial situations that other people find themselves in across the nation. Here is a statistic to help support this claim, in the United States, Philadelphia has the worst poverty rate amongst the top ten largest cities. For many poor people, it is a […]

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Why No Wardrobe Should Be Without A Few Luxury Leather Items

Leather goods have come a long way…literally! They’ve been around for hundreds of years and have survived the test of time on sheer quality alone. Although it’s much easier to access good materials nowadays, thanks in no small part to technology and automated assembly lines, leather shoes and belts are chosen for their classic appeal […]

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Are You in the Market for an Entire New Wardrobe?

The exciting part of your husband’s significant weight loss is that he now gets to start rebuilding his wardrobe. In fact, about the only thing that still fits are the exotic skin shoes for men that he loves. Aside from those exotic skin shoes for men, your husband is looking for exotic belts, new dress […]

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