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Are You in the Market for an Entire New Wardrobe?

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The exciting part of your husband’s significant weight loss is that he now gets to start rebuilding his wardrobe. In fact, about the only thing that still fits are the exotic skin shoes for men that he loves. Aside from those exotic skin shoes for men, your husband is looking for exotic belts, new dress slacks, and several new dress shirts. Because of the weight loss, your husband is looking better than ever before, but a new wardrobe is in order. Finding the right clothes, however, can take some time.
Mens Fashion Changes Help Create a Sense of Style

Whether you are looking to purchase new clothing because you have lost weight or you just want to update your wardrobe, finding the highest quality clothing and shoe items can help you make sure that you are LOOKING GOOD when you head to work or go out for a night on the town.
Consider some of these facts and figures about mens designer dress shoes and other parts of the fashion industry:

  • Luxury crocodile skin shoes can help you make a real statement.
  • On average, a consumer will have at least four leather items on them at any one time. These items can include anything from wallets and watch straps to shoes to belts.
  • Over 75 million people, which represents nearly 23% of the total U.S. population, are between the ages of 18 and 34. The millennial men are a key consumer base for the personal accessory industry.
  • Keeping up with the latest fashions is a challenge if you are not taking the time to shop in all of the best places.
  • Italian loafers for men are an accessory that can help you look your best, no matter what suit you are wearing.
  • No one wants to lose the value of your best pair of shoes. And while they do not last forever, leather dress shoes can accommodate tens of thousands of flexes.
  • Global purchases of men’s fashions account for 40% of global sales. In fact, men?s spending on luxury grew almost twice as fast as women?s luxury in the year 2011, 14% compared with 8% respectively.

  • Goodyear welted shoes are an accessory that keep their value and their style.
  • One study has shown that visual cues are three to five times as powerful as audio cues.
  • One single pair of exotic skin shoes for men can significantly update an entire wardrobe.
  • Dress shoes worn by men account for 6% of the shoe market share.

Feeling good about how you look can help you feel more confident and be more successful. In fact, LOOKING GOOD might even be able to help you get that new promotion or new job that you are interested in.
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10 Oct 2017

Does Cool Matter For An Adult Man? Yes

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American culture is obsessed with cool. But what even is cool? It is easily one of the most difficult concepts to define, and even harder to pull off. If try too hard, you?re too cool for school, pretentious, or superficial; but, not trying at all means you?re a loser or a social outcast.
And while it would be nice to relegate this particularly baffling obsession to youth culture, remember we make snap judgments about people. It takes less than 20 seconds to form a first impression of someone, and the majority of that is based on looks.
So how do you do it? How do you walk the line between chic and gauche, between timeless and trendy, between cool and uncool? Here are three big mistakes to avoid:

1. Trying Too Hard

In fashion, oftentimes less is more. No matter how cool that sleek your Rolex watch, ostrich skin boots, and exotic belt are as individual pieces, if you wear them with an asymmetrical blazer and hot blue pants, you will look like you desperate want to be cool, and are failing.
The best approach to your day to day wear is to consider your suit a shell and choose a exciting accessories. Of course, it?s important that your suit has a good fit and pleasant lines, otherwise it might distract from the crocodile skin shoes you?re wearing.
If you do want to incorporate a more fashion forward suit jacket, or brightly colored slacks, you should counter them with simple grounding elements. Consider simple, leather oxford shoes or designer leather shoes and a nice luxury leather belt.

2. Not Grooming

This one might not seem important, after all how many times have you seen a picture of a male celebrity with uncombed hair and a messy beard? But unless you happen to have a super hero jaw, aquiline nose, and cheekbones you could cut diamonds with, you should consider spending at least a few minutes with a comb.
If you would rather not spend that time, there are a number of perfectly acceptable haircuts for men that are low cropped. This will limit the amount of work you have to do to maintain your image.

3. Don?t Chase Trends

Trends are a marketing ploy to sell more clothing. Really. You should find the clothes that flatter your body, accent your own sense of style, and that are timeless. Designer leather shoes and a black suit will never go out of style, which is good, because with proper care they can last for years.
If you want your look to be up to date, buy a few cheap, trendy accessories to mix in. That way, you create the impression of being effortlessly in vogue.

The most important part of fashion is to make yourself comfortable. You don’t need designer leather shoes to be cool. But even if you prefer simple, casual clothes you can always work in a few touches to up your cool factor.
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27 Apr 2017