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Sunglasses are One of the Largest Retail Markets Around

Sunglasses are one of the most common purchases in our lives, with different forms of sun-blocking eyewear being worn for almost 2,000 years now. While we all tend to have a pair of sunglasses, we all break them on a regular basis as well. Three-quarters of all American adults wear prescription or non-prescription sunglasses, and about four times every hour, at least one pair of sunglasses in our country is broken somehow. So, the market is always there and will likely continue to grow.

Millions of Pairs of Sunglasses Sold Annually

Back in 2012, there were already almost 96 million pairs of non-prescription sunglasses sold annually, including polarized and non-polarized lenses. Over time these have become a luxury item, sold under many high-priced retail brands. Interestingly enough, however, most all of those designer brand sunglasses are produced by the same company, Luxottica. These brands include Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Burberry, Oakley, and Ray-Ban.

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29 Oct 2018

Clothing as Expression Using Bold Clothing to Showcase Your Personality

It is easy to see that the use of clothing as a form of self expression is becoming increasingly important to people. For example, the average American women today owns 30 outfits. This is a large increase from the 1930, where most American women owned only nine outfits.

The amount of clothing that people own isn’t the only proof that clothing has become more than simply a way to protect us from the outside elements. In the past, fashion was split into two distinct categories: fashion for men and fashion for women.

However, designer fashion clothing is now pushing the boundaries between these two categories as people demand more freedom of expression through their clothing. A mens designer boutique can now carry designs that were previously considered traditionally feminine. There also seems to be an increase in unisex brand and design.

There is no one in the world quite like you, so why would you want your style to make you look just like someone else? With Henrik Vibs (more…)

27 Oct 2018

High Visibility Gear For Construction Crews

Outdoor construction work, whether on a building or on the road or off-road, can be a hazardous occupation, with risks of falling, getting hit by falling objects, or struck by cars, motorcycles, or construction vehicles. Serious injury such as broken bones or concussions could occur, so to cut down on this danger, such crews wear high visibility clothing, which is a nuanced and detailed industry. Cargo work pants with reflective tape are just one example, along with a custom reflective vest, high vis pants, safety shirts, and more. With the right gear and awareness of his surroundings, a worker can avoid injury and be highly visible to nearby motorists.

The Stats of Work Safety

Working outdoors on construction and repair can carry certain safety risks, often with different risks to various age groups. After all, construction crew members are active and move about, walki (more…)

06 Oct 2018

Where Do You Donate Your Gently Used Clothing and Household Items?

The list of available clothing donation centers continued to grow as people across the city prepared to help nearly 100 families make a very difficult transition. When the evening news channels first reported that a medium size apartment complex was being evacuated after a long list of health code violations were discovered, the entire community rallied to help with the emergency relocations. The local shelters took in many of the residents on a temporary basis, while other landlords across the city offered cleaner, safer, and more affordable permanent spaces.
The landlord of the complex that was cited for bed bugs, mold, and rodents insisted that the problems were exaggerated. He told several reporters that the problems could all be fixed in just two weeks, but the consensus around the area is that if the problems were really that small they would have already been fixed.
Clothing Donation Locations Make Giving Clothing an Easy Option
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03 Oct 2018