Clothing donation locations

Where Do You Donate Your Gently Used Clothing and Household Items?

The list of available clothing donation centers continued to grow as people across the city prepared to help nearly 100 families make a very difficult transition. When the evening news channels first reported that a medium size apartment complex was being evacuated after a long list of health code violations were discovered, the entire community rallied to help with the emergency relocations. The local shelters took in many of the residents on a temporary basis, while other landlords across the city offered cleaner, safer, and more affordable permanent spaces.
The landlord of the complex that was cited for bed bugs, mold, and rodents insisted that the problems were exaggerated. He told several reporters that the problems could all be fixed in just two weeks, but the consensus around the area is that if the problems were really that small they would have already been fixed.
Clothing Donation Locations Make Giving Clothing an Easy Option
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03 Oct 2018