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EMF Safety Is Important With Today’s Devices

Ways to block emf

With so many electronic devices in use these days, from smartphones, to tablet computers to laptops, many people have health concerns about radiation and radio waves that may be given off by these devices. One of the biggest concerns is electromagnetic fields.

Just about everything in nature produces an electromagnetic field, or EMF, including your own body. However, these fields are very weak and present little if any health concerns. However, electronic devices produce much stronger EMFs, and since they are used close to your body, that can raise health concerns.

Cordless phone radiation, laptop radiation and other types of EMF radiation have been shown to have both short-term and long-term effects on health. For example, a study done in 2010 on kids ages 8-17 found that short-term exposure to EMF radiation led to irritability, headaches, concentration problems and other symptoms. Children aren’t the only ones affected, however, as another study showed similar problems in adults ages 81-91. There also are some long-term effects to EMF exposure. A 2012 study showed that chronic EMF exposure took only about a year and a half to produce physiological changes in human cells. Another study done in 2012 showed it took just four hours of exposure to the radiation put out by a laptop to affect sperm motility in men.

These are just some of the studies that show potential health effects of EMF exposure, which shows the importance of EMF safety. EMF safety for some people can include trying to stay away from EMF exposure as much as possible, but that is very unrealistic in today’s world. Unless you live in a cabin in the woods, you are going to be exposed to EMF radiation. A more realistic way to practice EMF safety is with EMF shielding devices.

Most electronic devices come with their own EMF shielding built in, but it may not always be enough. Among the methods you can use to shield yourself from EMF exposure are EMF protection jewelry and EMF shielding fabric in clothing. You also may need to use other more-extensive methods, such as if you live close to a cell phone tower.

Practicing EMF safety is important to protect yourself from the potential harmful effects of the everyday devices you use in your home and at work.

30 Jul 2016

Saving the World in Two Simple Steps

Charitable donation

It seems that every time you tune into the news these days, things are getting worse and worse. People disagree over which course to take in order to remedy difficult situations, and sometimes it feels like there is not a good answer to be found. But the truth is, everyone can do their part to contribute, and even if it may not feel as though you are having a profound impact or making a dent at all, you are doing something. And if everyone decides commit to doing a little something, that will add up to a great big change that will be good for everyone.

Where do I start?
It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which issue to tackle first, or which problem you will be able to help solve. The key is to take it day by day, keeping the big picture in focus, and having the confidence that the baby steps you are taking act as a guide and model for others to do the same. So you want to do something that benefits the earth. Humans are quickly building what amounts to entire cities or chunks of land full of waste, and ruining natural habitats in a variety of ways. How can you help? Recycle and compost everything that you can. If every single person in the United States recycle just one tenth of their newspapers, we could stop the cutting down of around 25 million trees every single year. And the 21.5 million tons of food waste that humans are so good at creating every year? If all of that was composted, we could reduce greenhouse gasses in such an amazing amount that it would be equal to removing 2 million vehicles from the road. And if your heart is feeling heavy for those in your community who are not as well off, you could help them and help save the earth by contributing donations for non profit organizations to distribute.

How clothing donations for non profit organizations can also help the earth
So it makes sense that contributing donations for non profit organizations will eventually help those in need: the charitable donations can go towards funding events, help centers, essentials for those who can’t afford it, and any number of other things. But how does contributing clothing donations for non profit organizations help the earth? It has been estimated that about 90% of clothing and other textiles that are thrown away in the United States in just one year could have been reused or recycled. That is about 12 million tons of clothing and textiles every year that are just clogging up landfills. Imagine the difference we could make for the health of the planet and in the lives of those less fortunate if all of those 12 million tons were donated instead of discarded.

Charity donations for non profit organizations and our shared planet
In one year in the U.S., about 2 million tons of clothing and other textiles were either recycled or were donated to charity. We as a species are beginning to turn things around, and we have the power to make the changes that need to be made. Even what seem to be the smallest baby steps can add up to much more. Consider that the industry of textile recycling accounts for about 17,000 jobs across the country. How many more reasons do you need to be convinced that you can help make a difference? To review:

    1. Helping those in need
    When you donate clothing or money to organizations that are set up to help the poor, they receive better access to what they need. Everyone deserves to have essentials like being able to clothe their family.

    2. Saving the planet
    It’s quite simple: less trees are cut down, less waste ends up in landfills.

    3. More jobs for more people
    An increase in recycling will increase the need for workers in that industry, creating even more jobs than the existing thousands.

    4. Less stuff!

    Let’s get real, you have too much stuff in your closet, garage, basement, etc. Time to clean it out.

You can change the world. Start by donating and recycling.

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12 Jul 2016