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Donating Clothes Creates A Cleaner, Happier Community For Everyone Here’s How

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It’s because of charitable donations are world is made a little brighter.

Not everyone has the means of buying expensive clothes or enjoying a full dinner spread during the holidays. When you want to put a smile on a stranger’s face and even brighten up your own life, charitable clothing donations can offer a positive impact all across the board. A happy community is one that’s well-fed, sheltered and watered. Providing gently used clothes gives people a means of buying fashionable clothes at low prices. It also gives local industries additional materials to recycle back into the economy. If you have more questions about what donating clothing to charity can do to make the world a better place to live, look below and learn more.

Who Benefits From Clothing Donations?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits when you reach out to military charities and offer your gently used, unwanted clothes. Americans buy an estimated 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year. It’s also thought the average American adult will buy twice as many clothes than they did 20 years back. Clothes are constantly being bought, altered, discarded and recycled. Some grow weary of certain fashions, while others grow out of certain sizes and need replacements. Your gently used clothes fill in this wide gap and make sure your community is wanting for nothing.

What Is A Purple Heart In The Military?

A common question asked by those curious about military donations is, “What is a Purple Heart in the military?”. This is a special decoration offered by the military to members who are either wounded or killed while serving their country. This is a very old recognition created all the way back when George Washington was serving as president. Organizations that help military families are in frequent need of generous donations, meaning your unwanted jacket or worn-out sweater could be just what your local charity has been looking for. What is a Purple Heart in the military? It’s a centuries-old distinguished honor.

How Are Clothing Donations Environmentally Friendly?

Concerns about our impact on the environment are only growing bigger by the day. Used clothing pick up is a smart way of clearing out excess clutter and making sure it goes to the right place. The EPA has recently put out useful data regarding the nature of our excess waste, with one estimate finding up to 75% of waste recyclable. Despite this, a mere 30% of waste is actually repurposed and reused. Nearly 100% of all textiles (such as latex or spandex) can be used again without a drop in quality.

What Is The Social Impact Of Donating Clothes?

A rather common side-effect of browsing social media regularly is feeling helpless in the face of negativity. One way you can reverse this trend and encourage some positivity is to share your experiences with donating to organizations such as the Purple Heart. You can answer simple questions like, “What is a Purple Heart in the military?” or encourage friends to dig around in their closet for unwanted clothes. Studies have shown people are more likely to donate to charity if they see a friend, acquaintance or co-worker openly talking about their donation.

Which Clothes Should I Donate?

A good place to start with your charitable donations are any clothes that are gently used. These are often put straight toward charities and thrift shops to go back into the community, meaning burns, tears and holes should be avoided as much as possible. Remember that old and damaged clothing can still be recycled, however. Men’s overcoats, suits and jackets are in high demand, while winter clothing such as boots and scarves should be considered when the air grows cold. It’s estimated as many as 95% of Americans will donate to charity somehow.

Will you make someone’s day a little brighter?

21 Nov 2017

Saving the World in Two Simple Steps

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It seems that every time you tune into the news these days, things are getting worse and worse. People disagree over which course to take in order to remedy difficult situations, and sometimes it feels like there is not a good answer to be found. But the truth is, everyone can do their part to contribute, and even if it may not feel as though you are having a profound impact or making a dent at all, you are doing something. And if everyone decides commit to doing a little something, that will add up to a great big change that will be good for everyone.

Where do I start?
It can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which issue to tackle first, or which problem you will be able to help solve. The key is to take it day by day, keeping the big picture in focus, and having the confidence that the baby steps you are taking act as a guide and model for others to do the same. So you want to do something that benefits the earth. Humans are quickly building what amounts to entire cities or chunks of land full of waste, and ruining natural habitats in a variety of ways. How can you help? Recycle and compost everything that you can. If every single person in the United States recycle just one tenth of their newspapers, we could stop the cutting down of around 25 million trees every single year. And the 21.5 million tons of food waste that humans are so good at creating every year? If all of that was composted, we could reduce greenhouse gasses in such an amazing amount that it would be equal to removing 2 million vehicles from the road. And if your heart is feeling heavy for those in your community who are not as well off, you could help them and help save the earth by contributing donations for non profit organizations to distribute.

How clothing donations for non profit organizations can also help the earth
So it makes sense that contributing donations for non profit organizations will eventually help those in need: the charitable donations can go towards funding events, help centers, essentials for those who can’t afford it, and any number of other things. But how does contributing clothing donations for non profit organizations help the earth? It has been estimated that about 90% of clothing and other textiles that are thrown away in the United States in just one year could have been reused or recycled. That is about 12 million tons of clothing and textiles every year that are just clogging up landfills. Imagine the difference we could make for the health of the planet and in the lives of those less fortunate if all of those 12 million tons were donated instead of discarded.

Charity donations for non profit organizations and our shared planet
In one year in the U.S., about 2 million tons of clothing and other textiles were either recycled or were donated to charity. We as a species are beginning to turn things around, and we have the power to make the changes that need to be made. Even what seem to be the smallest baby steps can add up to much more. Consider that the industry of textile recycling accounts for about 17,000 jobs across the country. How many more reasons do you need to be convinced that you can help make a difference? To review:

    1. Helping those in need
    When you donate clothing or money to organizations that are set up to help the poor, they receive better access to what they need. Everyone deserves to have essentials like being able to clothe their family.

    2. Saving the planet
    It’s quite simple: less trees are cut down, less waste ends up in landfills.

    3. More jobs for more people
    An increase in recycling will increase the need for workers in that industry, creating even more jobs than the existing thousands.

    4. Less stuff!

    Let’s get real, you have too much stuff in your closet, garage, basement, etc. Time to clean it out.

You can change the world. Start by donating and recycling.

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12 Jul 2016