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Top 5 Flower Meanings

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Whether you’re looking to pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces or just buying you’re special someone a bunch of pretty flowers, it’s good to know the meaning behind the flowers you give before you give them. And according to a study from Rutger’s University. our own personality is conveyed a lot through the gifts we choose to give others. Perhaps even knowing what you’re really saying with your bouquets will give you plenty of flower design ideas for next Valentine’s Day or your upcoming anniversary.

  • Roses:Roses are usually the first thing that come to mind when one thinks romance. And with good reason. Roses are the quintessential symbol of love. And with over 100 species of roses and many numerous shades, it’s no surprise that even the color of the rose alter the meaning. While a red rose typically is used for love, pink roses are far for versatile, being able to be used to express romantic feelings, send thanks or wish someone well. A white rose typically means purity and innocence, hence becoming a popular flower design idea for weddings and yellow can be used for friendship. An all-purpose flower that’s gorgeous to look at.
  • Lilies:lLilies are another flower that can have a wide variety of meanings. They are quite popular in spring bouquets and are well-loved in many flower design ideas, as they typically tend to mean beauty, purity and kindness. Different species of lilies, in addition to color, can also mean different things. Tiger lilies are typical paired with courage, Easter lilies with life and lilies of the valley with softness and elegance. One of the oldest known lilies, dating back over 3000 years, is the Madonna lily.
  • Carnations: Carnations can be a bit tricky. While the previous two flowers vary in meaning, depending on color and species, but generally represent positive attributes, the color of a carnation can drastically change the meaning from good to bad. Colors like red and white can represent a pure and deep love, which is good for your flower design ideas. But a yellow or striped carnation can mean disdain, desertion or disappointment. Be careful choosing the color for this flower.
  • Sunflower: A sunflower, luckily, doesn’t have too many variations in color that can change it’s meaning. As it’s named, it’s typically yellow in color. For the most part, sunflowers speak to dedication and admiration, symbolizing your thoughts about the other person are as bright as the sun. But, it may also mean haughtiness. Best explain this is not what you meant.
  • Daisies: Daisies usually have a message of hope, new beginnings and innocence. Coming from an old English word meaning “day’s eye”, it can also speak to the daily life of your partner, as the flower rises when the sun is shinning and speaks their innocence from when they were a child.

28 Feb 2017

Why Should I Seek Out Qualified Medical Professionals For Skin Care Help?

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Sometimes it’s not enough to simply buy over-the-counter products to tackle whatever issue your skin is going through. When you’re tired of itchy psoriasis or are becoming more and more desperate for a solution for unsightly acne, it’s time to contact qualified medical professionals for a more viable option. Short-term solutions only serve to put you out of pocket while giving you mild results that don’t carry over into long-term health. A chronic skin condition or mild issue alike do best when confronted with the best medical supplies on the market. When you consider just how popular skin care is, you can rest assured you’ll never be lacking for resources on your journey to brilliant skin!

Fun Facts

Let’s learn a little more about the largest organ on your body. The average person will lose up to 48 kilograms of skin by the time they reach 70 years old. While it’s only one-tenth of a millimeter thick, the epidermis is made up of up to 50 rows of stacked cells called squamous cells. Your skin is flexible and pliant, but also highly sensitive to everything from environmental factors, your diet, daily water intake, stress and genetics.

How Do I Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

Much of the anti aging industry is focused on either eliminating or reducing the onset of wrinkles. Wrinkles are often divided by qualified medical professionals into two categories — fine surface lines (caused by the ultraviolet light found in sun exposure) and deep furrows (usually caused by muscle contraction, age or both). Chemical peels are one of the most beloved solutions for wrinkles, removing the uppermost layer of skin to encourage collagen production. Preventing wrinkles can also be done by reducing your sun exposure through qualified sunscreen, layers and sunhats.

How Do I Get Rid Of Acne?

Believe it or not, acne is not exclusive to teenagers. People of all demographics struggle with this frustrating and painful skin condition, some well into adulthood due to combination skin, stress or outside factors. By the mid-teens at least 40% of children will have acne or scars left from acne that need to be actively treated by a dermatologist to prevent future breakouts from occurring. Some of the most common ingredients used to treat acne use a combination of drying chemicals to eliminate oil as well as nourishing elements to discourage dryness.

How Do I Get Rid Of Excess Hair?

Shaving and tweezing just not cutting it? It’s time to venture into the cosmetic industry. Ongoing studies have seen laser hair removal as the most popular aesthetic procedure for women under the age of 35, second only to Botox and similar procedures. Nearly one million laser hair removal treatments were performed in the United States just last year, according to surveys by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (also known as ASAPS). Hair removal can be done in specific spots or all over, giving you the smooth skin you’ve always wanted in just a matter of sessions.

Can Qualified Medical Professionals Help Me?

Not only can qualified medical professionals better diagnose what your skin is going through, they can offer you long-term solutions that confront the problem at the source and provide you a solution that can be both seen and felt in the day-to-day. The year 2004 saw people spending a collective $2 billion to treat acne, with another 3% of all people having a form of psoriasis that negatively impacted their daily life. The American anti aging care market has generated over $2 billion and shows no signs of slowing down. Contact a medical professional today and see how a series of chemical peels or new medical regimen can help you.

10 Feb 2017

Why You Should Rent Your Party Equipment And Decorations Instead Of Buying

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What is the essence that makes a truly great party, event or get-together? That’s a question millions of Americans ask themselves every single day. While it can seem easy to just throw some furniture together and bring over a group of people for a good time, a plethora of things can go wrong even before the event kicks into high gear. Mismanaged schedules, budgeting conflicts and bad weather are just a few of the issues that can crop up right under your nose. Let’s talk about the benefits of rental linens for the haggard party planner and how you can save money even as you spend it.

Weddings? No Problem!

Weddings are a beautiful and special occasion. There’s no need, however, to get nervous! Each weekend in the United States sees an average of 44,000 weddings taking place across the country, making it one of the most popular celebrations by a landslide. They represent a $50 billion yearly industry in everything from styling to catering and are regularly established as a brilliant event to look forward to. Tablecloth and chair cover rentals are ideal for both indoor and outdoor weddings, allowing you to protect furniture while styling to your heart’s content. Specialty linen comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures.

Birthday Coming Up? Stay Prepared

Weddings are often surrounded by baby showers, bachelor parties and after-parties. What about simple birthdays, though? Some Americans see themselves throwing multiple birthday parties in a single year, making it a fun yet very expensive celebration to look forward to. Studies have shown nearly 50% of all couples will end up spending more on their celebration than they originally budgeted for, so you can imagine this extends easily to sweet sixteens and Bar Mitzvahs! Save on cash and check out a rental store to cover your tables, chairs and decorations — your wallet will thank you.

Want A Break? Kick Up Your Feet And Relax

Not everyone is throwing a fancy wedding reception, however. Some just want to put together a party where they can gather a handful of friends and co-workers for a pleasant evening. Even a smaller party can still have a variety of things that go wrong, so knock out any potential issues now so you can enjoy yourself later. Tablecloth and chair cover rentals are a fantastic way of establishing the basics and giving your party a classic touch while removing the potential for frustrating messes — the average rental store offers additional coverage, so you don’t have to worry about spills or burns.

Throwing A Baby Shower? We’ve Got You Covered

Following hot on the heels of weddings, office parties and birthdays, baby showers are a much beloved celebration welcoming a new life into the family. These tend to be more low-key, with many choosing to create a homely environment where family and friends alike can chat, reflect and enjoy themselves. Tablecloth and chair cover rentals are a good way of setting up relaxing environments alongside preparing for any potential messes that can come from simple accidents or children’s playtime — linens come in all sizes, with most coming in 134″ rounds and eight foot drapes for standard tables.

Throwing A Fantastic Party For Everyone

When it comes down to it, saving money is better for everyone in the long run. Renting equipment means you don’t have to scrounge around for old furniture in your garage to cover the basics of a good set-up, while reducing the amount of money you’re spending helps manage your stress levels and makes it less likely you’ll miss out on important details. Linens for weddings are designed to withstand whatever the guests throw at it, with many stores offering supplemental silverware, decorations, outdoor tents and anything else you’ll need to make sure your party is a hit. Ready to throw the event of a lifetime? Start with tablecloth and chair cover rentals.

09 Feb 2017

Choosing the Best Furniture For Your Household Needs

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The first few months of the year tend to be a popular time for purchasing new furniture. The hectic running around of the holidays is over and yet, the weather is still cold and snowy. The days are longer and the sun does not stay out for very long, causing you to stay indoors much more. You find that your current furniture is outdated and no longer comfortable. Fortunately, there will be numerous furniture sales and all you have to focus on is choosing the best furniture for your home.

Sizing needs

The size may be the first factor you look for when purchasing new furniture. Are you replacing just the living room couch? Will you replace the chairs, as well? Measure the size of your current living room furniture and then make any changes, as needed. You may also want to evaluate the amount of seating you desire. Do you have a large family? Do you entertain a lot, requiring seating for all of your guests? These are all important factors to consider.

Type of furniture

You will also want to narrow down your options when it comes to type of furniture. It can be helpful here to also consider the type of furniture that you currently have. If you currently have a leather sofa and do not enjoy the feel of it, you may want to choose something different this time, like a microfiber or type of Italian furniture. However, if you enjoy your leather sectional, consider changing it up with sectional couches in leather sofas.

Additional features

Many of today?s furniture come with additional features. This might include built in beds or recliners. Some leather sofas even have built in massage capabilities. Consider the additional features that are important to you to further narrow down your search options. Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will even buy, after a house and a car. It is important to put great thought and consideration into the purchase. Also, adding the additional features you desire may be worth the extra couple of hundred dollars, since you will likely keep the furniture for many years to come.

Color scheme

Color should not be the top deciding factor when purchasing new furniture, but it is important. You want your furniture to match the rest of your home, especially the room that it is in. However, you will also want to figure out if you plan on doing any remodeling in the next few years, such as changing wall or feature colors. The good thing about a leather sofa is that it tends to match many different decorating plans. Modern couches go best with open floor plans and neutral colors.

Upkeep requirements

Furniture gets a lot of wear and tear. Some types of furniture, such as leather furniture require specialized cleaning materials and regular conditioning. However, leather is easy to care for. Just use a conditioner every 6 to 12 months and wipe up spills as they occur with clean cloth. Microfiber materials may be more difficult to clean spills. Keep cleaning requirements and warranties in mind when shopping for furniture, as your furniture is likely to see its share of damages.


You may be tempted to go with the beautiful modern sofa that will look great in your living room. However, remember that you will be sitting on this furniture for many years to come. You will watch long movies on it and cuddle with family members. You may spend hours on it when you are not feeling well. A comfortable couch can improve your couch and movie watching time. Always test out the quality of the furniture, before purchasing. If purchasing online, read reviews of previous customers, paying specific attention to the comfort ratings.

People sit on their sofa for an average of 4 hours each day. Furniture is also one of the most expensive purchases that you will make. For these reasons, it is important to put great thought and consideration into your next furniture purchase. You will notice an increase in furniture sales after the new year. Take advantage of the sales and the buying tips to find the perfect furniture set for your house.

07 Feb 2017

The Military Order of the Purple Heart Accepts Clothing Donations

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Are you familiar with The Military Order of the Purple Heart? The Purple Heart is a military decoration awarded to those who have been wounded or killed while serving in the United States military. This medal of distinction is awarded in the name of the president.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is also one of the organizations that provide different types of services to help military families. One of the ways that they are able to provide support for military families is through accepting donations of clothing and other household items.

Approximately 80% of clothing that is donated is used by veterans charities to help military and other needy families. They also use these donated items for funding programs for the blind.

There are many forms of charitable giving, and 95.4% of people in the United States engage in this practice at some level. Donating clothing to charity makes a major difference in how much organizations such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart can assist families in need.

In 2011 alone, for example, Americans donated approximately two million tons of clothing and household textiles. In addition to keeping these items out of landfills, they were also able to be reused or worn again by others. On average, Americans tend to purchase ten pounds of used clothing every year. In addition to assisting veterans services through these purchases, they also contribute significantly to recycling efforts.

Every year, around two million tons of clothing is recycled. While less than half of this clothing may be worn again, 30% is used for industrial rags. The remaining 20% or so is utilized to stuff couches and provide housing insulation.

Given that the unemployment rate for veterans is two percent above the national average for other citizens, having programs such as those provided by The Military Order of the Purple Heart make a significant difference in the lives of military families. When Americans discover they no longer need clothing or other household items, it’s important to donate, rather than throw these items away.

Once donations for non profit organizations are gathered, they can be picked up by GreenDrop or taken to a convenient drop-off location. This makes it easy to donate on a regular basis.

03 Feb 2017