Top 5 Flower Meanings

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Whether you’re looking to pick wedding bouquets and centerpieces or just buying you’re special someone a bunch of pretty flowers, it’s good to know the meaning behind the flowers you give before you give them. And according to a study from Rutger’s University. our own personality is conveyed a lot through the gifts we choose to give others. Perhaps even knowing what you’re really saying with your bouquets will give you plenty of flower design ideas for next Valentine’s Day or your upcoming anniversary.

  • Roses:Roses are usually the first thing that come to mind when one thinks romance. And with good reason. Roses are the quintessential symbol of love. And with over 100 species of roses and many numerous shades, it’s no surprise that even the color of the rose alter the meaning. While a red rose typically is used for love, pink roses are far for versatile, being able to be used to express romantic feelings, send thanks or wish someone well. A white rose typically means purity and innocence, hence becoming a popular flower design idea for weddings and yellow can be used for friendship. An all-purpose flower that’s gorgeous to look at.
  • Lilies:lLilies are another flower that can have a wide variety of meanings. They are quite popular in spring bouquets and are well-loved in many flower design ideas, as they typically tend to mean beauty, purity and kindness. Different species of lilies, in addition to color, can also mean different things. Tiger lilies are typical paired with courage, Easter lilies with life and lilies of the valley with softness and elegance. One of the oldest known lilies, dating back over 3000 years, is the Madonna lily.
  • Carnations: Carnations can be a bit tricky. While the previous two flowers vary in meaning, depending on color and species, but generally represent positive attributes, the color of a carnation can drastically change the meaning from good to bad. Colors like red and white can represent a pure and deep love, which is good for your flower design ideas. But a yellow or striped carnation can mean disdain, desertion or disappointment. Be careful choosing the color for this flower.
  • Sunflower: A sunflower, luckily, doesn’t have too many variations in color that can change it’s meaning. As it’s named, it’s typically yellow in color. For the most part, sunflowers speak to dedication and admiration, symbolizing your thoughts about the other person are as bright as the sun. But, it may also mean haughtiness. Best explain this is not what you meant.
  • Daisies: Daisies usually have a message of hope, new beginnings and innocence. Coming from an old English word meaning “day’s eye”, it can also speak to the daily life of your partner, as the flower rises when the sun is shinning and speaks their innocence from when they were a child.