You Can Support Military Families With Your Everyday Items

Clothes donations

Some say that our nation is a divided nation and that we cannot find a way to come together. Many in politics want to keep us divided so that they can continue to promote their own agendas. However, when you truly think about it, and when you ask everyday people on either side of the political spectrum, support for military families is something that we can all agree on. We all want to see our troops and their taken care of.

What we may not realize is that there are things we have in our daily lives that we no longer have any use for. These things might include household items, personal things that have lost their shine, or, most importantly, clothing items we no longer wear or use. Back in 2007, charity foundations in the United States took in an estimated $5.8 billion worth of clothing donations.

This number is significant not only because it is large in and of itself but because there is still so much more that could be done. In 2011, the recovery rate for textiles and clothing that have already had use from one owner was only 15.3%. This means that there are literally tons of textiles and used clothing that could be given a second life somewhere else.

The average American purchases used clothing every year by an average of roughly ten pounds of clothing a piece. Many shops that resell these clothes are non-profit organizations that give support for military families and many other groups who have needs. Charitable donations are so much more than simply writing a check to your local charity.

Every day, we wake up and go through our closet to decide on what we would like to wear for the day. It might surprise us to learn that if we were to take only a few moments on one of our days off to go through our closets, we would find that we wear only a select few items of clothing over and over. Many of us find that we don’t need as much as we think we do.

Donating clothing to charity is an extremely effective way to help provide support for military families who might be in need. Our servicemen and women have been in the service of our nation while many of us have enjoyed the benefits of good jobs and a growing economy. When our military personnel come home from their service, they should not have to struggle as so many of them do.

You might think that you cannot spare even any extra change at the moment, but if you search through your closet of clothes, you might very well be able to part with some things that you know you will never wear again.

Gather your extra clothing together and call you local charity. Donating will never feel so good.