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Sea Glass For Stylish Pendants and More

Jewelry has long since captivated people of all kinds around the world. Rare gems, from diamonds to emeralds to rubies, have been prized as status symbols of wealth and royalty, and jewelry ranges from everyday decorations to mother to daughter inheritance to fables of pirate treasure. Sea glass, meanwhile, is another popular form of jewelry that originates not from intense pressure in the earth, but from the oceans. Sea glass jewelry has been popular for centuries thanks to the ocean’s gifts, and types of beach glass are available. Sea glass can also be worked into other jewelry. Different types of sea glass pendants, for example, are popular, as is sea glass wedding jewelry and sea glass rings, and even sea glass watches. The question is, where to find sea glass, and what is the best type to buy?

The Origins of Sea Glass

Sea glass has existed as long as man made glass itself, and is found on the world’s beaches, both freshwater and saltwater. According to (more…)

30 Sep 2018

School Sports And Teamwork How To Encourage Your Team To Do Better

School sports are an essential part to many students’ high school experience. If you find your students are having difficulty working together as a team, there are some ways to boost teamwork.

Follow these easy steps to bring your team closer together!

Perform a class fundraiser

Working together toward a common goal is essential both on and off the field. By rounding up your team to perform a class fundraiser for charity or apparel, you’re instilling a good work ethic and getting your team out of their comfort zone. While promoting teamwork on the field is essential, finding ways to do so off the field will also promote bonding between teammates.

Get custom apparel

Teams are all about engaging in a sense of unity. Uniforms are great on the field, but your team may want to represent their pride off the field too. You can do this through team apparel. Buying custom team apparel for (more…)

21 Sep 2018

Today’s Youth Invent Bold New Fashion

The phrase “clothes make the man” is more relevant than ever (though “clothes make the woman” is certainly just as fitting), and today’s young adults are always on the prowl for the hottest, latest trends and styles in clothing. The Millennial generation, those individuals born from about 1982 to 1995, has its sights on particular trends and patterns for browsing, selecting, and purchasing and tailoring their duds, and some trends may be surprising to older shoppers and retailers alike. Today’s women are a particularly robust crowd, since the average woman owns thirty outfits, one for every day of the month, compared to the average nine outfits in 1930. In fact, the average woman will spend 100 hours per year shopping for clothes. Designer clothing on the pricey end, as well as grunge-like cheap but practical outfits, are all in demand for today’s youthful shoppers, and creativity in one’s wardrobe is something to be celebrated. How should today’s tailoring keep up?

Men and Wo (more…)

20 Sep 2018

Recycling Clothes Aids the Needy and Environment Alike

The textile industry is enormous in the developed world. According to Clean Clothes, anywhere from 60 to 75 million people worldwide were employed in the textile, clothing, and footwear industry in 2014, with the women’s wear industry worth 621 billion USD that year, and the men’s wear industry worth 402 billion USD. However, despite such productivity, the clothes do not always end up where they are most needed. Military families, the bliond, and low-income households could use them instead.

Where Do Used Clothes End Up?

Textile products are among the many produced goods that are recyclable, but garments have one of the lowest recycle and donation rates, at around 15%. The remainder, close to 10.5 million tons of clothing, is sent straight to landfills. The two million tons of clothes that do get recycles often end up in industrial use, often makin (more…)

14 Sep 2018

Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothes Today

As we near the fall and winter months, certain areas of the U.S. are going to experience hard conditions such as snowstorms and very cold weather. It is important for children to stay warm so they do not get sick and also so that they do not get hypothermia or other illnesses related to being in cold weather. Your donated clothing can help children stay warm and cozy during the winter months by offering them extra layers of protection from the cold as well as being used for blankets and other ways to stay warm while sleeping. Think about it: If your clothes are just sitting in your closet and you don’t plan on wearing it anymore, why not giving it to a children in need clothing donation spot in your local community?

1. You can keep children warm

As mentioned above, with the seasons changing and much of the U.S. heading for dips in temperatures, children in need clothing donations can really go a long way. It can allow for children to have better access to staying warm and hea (more…)

04 Sep 2018