Month: September 2018

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Sea Glass For Stylish Pendants and More

Jewelry has long since captivated people of all kinds around the world. Rare gems, from diamonds to emeralds to rubies, have been prized as status symbols of wealth and royalty, and jewelry ranges from everyday decorations to mother to daughter inheritance to fables of pirate treasure. Sea glass, meanwhile, is another popular form of jewelry […]

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School Sports And Teamwork How To Encourage Your Team To Do Better

School sports are an essential part to many students’ high school experience. If you find your students are having difficulty working together as a team, there are some ways to boost teamwork. Follow these easy steps to bring your team closer together! Perform a class fundraiser Working together toward a common goal is essential both […]

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Today’s Youth Invent Bold New Fashion

The phrase “clothes make the man” is more relevant than ever (though “clothes make the woman” is certainly just as fitting), and today’s young adults are always on the prowl for the hottest, latest trends and styles in clothing. The Millennial generation, those individuals born from about 1982 to 1995, has its sights on particular […]

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Recycling Clothes Aids the Needy and Environment Alike

The textile industry is enormous in the developed world. According to Clean Clothes, anywhere from 60 to 75 million people worldwide were employed in the textile, clothing, and footwear industry in 2014, with the women’s wear industry worth 621 billion USD that year, and the men’s wear industry worth 402 billion USD. However, despite such […]

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Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothes Today

As we near the fall and winter months, certain areas of the U.S. are going to experience hard conditions such as snowstorms and very cold weather. It is important for children to stay warm so they do not get sick and also so that they do not get hypothermia or other illnesses related to being […]

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