Organizations that accept clothing donations

Recycling Clothes Aids the Needy and Environment Alike

The textile industry is enormous in the developed world. According to Clean Clothes, anywhere from 60 to 75 million people worldwide were employed in the textile, clothing, and footwear industry in 2014, with the women’s wear industry worth 621 billion USD that year, and the men’s wear industry worth 402 billion USD. However, despite such productivity, the clothes do not always end up where they are most needed. Military families, the bliond, and low-income households could use them instead.

Where Do Used Clothes End Up?

Textile products are among the many produced goods that are recyclable, but garments have one of the lowest recycle and donation rates, at around 15%. The remainder, close to 10.5 million tons of clothing, is sent straight to landfills. The two million tons of clothes that do get recycles often end up in industrial use, often makin (more…)

14 Sep 2018