Types of sea glass anklets

Sea Glass For Stylish Pendants and More

Jewelry has long since captivated people of all kinds around the world. Rare gems, from diamonds to emeralds to rubies, have been prized as status symbols of wealth and royalty, and jewelry ranges from everyday decorations to mother to daughter inheritance to fables of pirate treasure. Sea glass, meanwhile, is another popular form of jewelry that originates not from intense pressure in the earth, but from the oceans. Sea glass jewelry has been popular for centuries thanks to the ocean’s gifts, and types of beach glass are available. Sea glass can also be worked into other jewelry. Different types of sea glass pendants, for example, are popular, as is sea glass wedding jewelry and sea glass rings, and even sea glass watches. The question is, where to find sea glass, and what is the best type to buy?

The Origins of Sea Glass

Sea glass has existed as long as man made glass itself, and is found on the world’s beaches, both freshwater and saltwater. According to (more…)

30 Sep 2018