Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothes Today

As we near the fall and winter months, certain areas of the U.S. are going to experience hard conditions such as snowstorms and very cold weather. It is important for children to stay warm so they do not get sick and also so that they do not get hypothermia or other illnesses related to being in cold weather. Your donated clothing can help children stay warm and cozy during the winter months by offering them extra layers of protection from the cold as well as being used for blankets and other ways to stay warm while sleeping. Think about it: If your clothes are just sitting in your closet and you don’t plan on wearing it anymore, why not giving it to a children in need clothing donation spot in your local community?

1. You can keep children warm

As mentioned above, with the seasons changing and much of the U.S. heading for dips in temperatures, children in need clothing donations can really go a long way. It can allow for children to have better access to staying warm and healthy during the cold winter months by allowing them to get free or reduced-price clothing from a thrift store or donation center that they can use to keep warm. Families on a tight budget (especially during the holidays) can really benefit from having warm clothes for their children.

2. You can help make the holidays better for children and families

Aside from giving children and families access to more clothing during the winter, you can also give a charitable donation of old clothing to a drop off center and allow for families to purchase quality warm clothing as gifts for children and other loved ones. Children in need clothing donations really can go a long way during the holiday time, when families are trying their best to make ends meet and have something to give their children that they would enjoy. This can include a new blouse, coat, scarf, or blanket.

3. You keep everyone healthier

Being in the cold can make anyone get sick, especially children who have weaker immune systems and need to stay warm during the winter in order to avoid getting the cold and flu. You can keep children and families healthy by donating your old clothing and allowing them to use it to stay warm and dry. By giving children in need clothing donations to your local donation center, you can also give more access to great coats and sweaters for children to use for school as well and keep themselves and their classmates healthy. When children are warm (and healthy!), they can also focus at school much better than when they are sick and cold.

Looking to give some of your old clothing away this fall and winter? Look into used clothing pick up sites and donate today!

Have you ever donated some of your old clothing to charity? How did it make you feel? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!