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Taking A Look At The Growth Of Fashion In The United States

We all need to wear clothing. That’s simply just a fact of life. Here in the United States, clothing is important not just for the sake of modesty (and what has been deemed as inappropriate and appropriate) but for protection as well. Summer days can be long and hot in certain parts of the country, and the right clothing can help to provide protection against the sun, sparing the tender skin beneath. Conversely, much of the country grows incredibly cold during the winter months, and wearing the right clothing is absolutely essential for staying safe in the cold.

But clothing doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian – it can fashionable and full of creativity as well. In fact, many people choose to express their creativity through the clothes that they wear, even when those articles of clothing serve a purpose that is set aside from creativity as well. And the creativity that we express through clothing has become more important than ever before, especially as the typical woman here (more…)

18 Nov 2018

Today’s Youth Invent Bold New Fashion

The phrase “clothes make the man” is more relevant than ever (though “clothes make the woman” is certainly just as fitting), and today’s young adults are always on the prowl for the hottest, latest trends and styles in clothing. The Millennial generation, those individuals born from about 1982 to 1995, has its sights on particular trends and patterns for browsing, selecting, and purchasing and tailoring their duds, and some trends may be surprising to older shoppers and retailers alike. Today’s women are a particularly robust crowd, since the average woman owns thirty outfits, one for every day of the month, compared to the average nine outfits in 1930. In fact, the average woman will spend 100 hours per year shopping for clothes. Designer clothing on the pricey end, as well as grunge-like cheap but practical outfits, are all in demand for today’s youthful shoppers, and creativity in one’s wardrobe is something to be celebrated. How should today’s tailoring keep up?

Men and Wo (more…)

20 Sep 2018