Month: August 2016

Electromagnetic sensitivity Microwave shielding Ways to block emf

Everything Every Human Should Know About EMF Radiation and How to Protect Ourselves

It’s no secret that the human population is facing health anomalies that we’ve never experienced before. Cancer is becoming a human epidemic, with very little explanation for the steep rise in cases. We don’t know why one in 55 children are being diagnosed on the autism spectrum, when it was relatively unheard of a few […]

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Charter a private jet Charter jet services Private jet charter houston

Reward Yourself With a Private Jet Charter

Why choose private aircraft charter flights? Comfort, convenience, flexible schedules, VIP customer service, room to stretch out and relax, work or catch up on your reading – and that’s just the beginning. In fact when you charter a private jet, you’re going back to the early days of commercial flight, when flying was a luxury. […]

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Mens leather belts Mens leather messenger bag Mens messenger bags

Combining Tradition and Forward Thinking for Fashion

One of the most intriguing factors in the fashion world is being able to take a look at how styles changed and evolved over time, and which of those changes or original styles were born out of necessity or tradition, and which have taken on lives of their own in the fashion world for the […]

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