Reward Yourself With a Private Jet Charter

Jet charter services

Why choose private aircraft charter flights? Comfort, convenience, flexible schedules, VIP customer service, room to stretch out and relax, work or catch up on your reading – and that’s just the beginning. In fact when you charter a private jet, you’re going back to the early days of commercial flight, when flying was a luxury. Back when flying actually took hours off your travel time and got you there in high style. Consider jet charter services one of the perks of success: you’ve said goodbye to airport traffic, long lines at security, cramped seats and long layovers at airports that are not even remotely on your route.

Pick your route and destination
There are more than 2,100 aircraft charter services in the U.S. They access more than 5,000 public use airports across the nation. That’s a hundred times the number of airports served by commercial airlines. Custom jet charters can put you down on the ground a lot closer to your destination than commercial flights can.
Almost half or 47% of fights by business aircraft are into airports with infrequent or no scheduled commercial airline service. Another 33% of all business aircraft flights are to a secondary airport. And air charter services can take you almost anywhere on the globe. Some companies even offer one-way pricing, so if you’re not planning a round trip, you don’t need to pay the round trip fare.

Plan your own schedule
When you charter a private jet, you can pick your destination and route, as well as your schedule. These can all be arranged according to your own priorities, rather than the airline’s. This means no more long layovers and delays in hubs that are not even on your route. You can pick the most direct route to your destination and back, saving time, as well as the hassle and disorientation of waiting in transit lounge limbo. The result is that you arrive relaxed and ready to tackle that meeting or conference.

Comfort, privacy and convenience
The Cessna Citation Excel is the most popular private jet model in the U.S. Also known as the Citation XLS and XLS+, the medium-sized business jet is the workhorse of charter flights and logged 144,302 flights in 2012. Air charter operators hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as well as Operations Specifications, which list company names, authorizations and limitations.
Private charter jets are a safe and comfortable form of transportation. With leg and elbow room, fully reclinable seats, wifi and even onboard conference space, they allow you to work or relax while traveling. In fact travelers on private aircraft report that they find themselves 20% more productive while onboard than in the office. Conversely, their less fortunate counterparts on commercial flights note a 40% drop in productivity.

Work, read, or relax on board
Travelers on board business aircraft tend to spend their time on work-related tasks such as meetings with colleagues or individual work tasks. There’s also time and space for relaxing with your favorite music on the headphones, leisurely reading or sleeping. VIP customer service is another reason to charter a private jet. With your choice of food, entertainment and music, you barely notice the time spent on board.

Privacy and comfort are some of the intangible and underreported rewards of success. When you charter a private jet, you’re rewarding yourself and your associates for all your hard work.