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A Guide to the Daith Piercing


A daith piercing is simply a piercing on the inner earlobe. This is not only a trendy fashion statement amongst young people but it is also proven to help people with migraines. This type of piercing is becoming much more popular amongst people as the years go on.

A Harris Poll was conducted in the year of 2015 that surrounded people with tattoos based on their generation. This poll revealed that just about 36% of all Generation Xers stated that they have at the very least one tattoo. It also revealed that just about 47% of all Millennials have at the very least one tattoo. Much like tattoos, piercings are on the rise and here is why:

Piercings Are Popular Just Like Tattoos

The research was done in the year of 2015 surrounding American citizens and piercings. This survey revealed that just about 14% of all Americans that have body piercings in have done in locations other than their earlobe. So not only do a lot of people have a daith piercing, but they may have piercings elsewhere.

Around 33% of women who had bodily piercings reported they had their navel pierced. Piercings are incredibly common with women, maybe even more so than men. This is certainly true for the daith piercing, which is not just the bottom ear lobe being pierced.

A Daith Piercing Can Help Heal Migraines

While it may seem incredibly random and maybe even untrue, a daith piercing can seriously help people with migraines. As a result, some people, but not all, may prefer to get a daith piercing as opposed to taking daily medication. Some people will prefer alternative methods as opposed to the sort of traditional prescription drugs utilized by many American citizens.

A survey was conducted by MigrainePal surrounding people who got a daith piercing and their migraine frequency. This survey revealed that nearly 47% of all respondents reported that their migraines are much less frequent after they obtained their piercing. Plus, just about 50% of all people have said that the piercing in their daith has reduced the severity and overall painful impact of their migraines.

In the United States alone there are more than 37 million people suffer from serious migraines. These migraines can impact their lives and may prevent them from living like they normally do. Some studies have estimated that nearly 13% of all adults in the United States population have migraines and nearly 3 million people who have migraines suffer from it as a chronic problem. This means they deal migraines often.

In Conclusion

There are people who suffer from serious migraines on a nearly daily basis. These migraines can potentially take them out of their daily activities because they are so painful and severe. As a result, people will go out of their way to help themselves not only prevent migraines but to strike down how painful the migraines are. As a result, there are some people that will get their daith pierced so that way they can prevent themselves from dealing with serious issues.

27 Mar 2018

Feeling Frumpy? Here Are Some Easy, Environmentally Friendly Fashion Tips For 2018

Veterans charities

Looking good can feel like a full-time job sometimes.

Fashion trends come and go. There’s always something new just around the corner that you just have to have if you want to stand out. Your wallet is always being given another bill to attend to, leaving your closet in perpetual limbo between throwback fashion trends and out-of-date outfits. Where does an artistic person turn to in order to get a break? Used clothing pick up services can be a great way to clear out some of the unwanted clutter in your closet while getting you some new items and even saving you some money. The best part?

You can help out your community, your environment and your fellow neighbor all in one go. Try these charitable donation tips on for size.

If You Live In A One To Two Season Climate, Throw Them Out

A good way to know whether or not those old sweaters or skirts don’t belong in your closet any longer is where you live. People who live in more strict climates often have more wiggle room when it comes to, ironically enough, inflexible closets. If you live in a place with only one to two seasons, yet have clothes designed for more varied environments, consider tossing out a few that no longer fit and replacing them with some thrift store goods. The average American today will purchase 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year.

Clothes That Haven’t Been Worn In Six Months Should Be Tossed

Here’s another tip that can help you make the tough decision between keeping or tossing that cute cardigan you got at that office party. If you haven’t worn a certain article of clothing in six months or longer, it’s got to go. Clinging to old clothes is tempting, particularly if you’re on a budget, but all it does is create clutter you have to waste time digging through later. Back in 2007 nearly $6 billion worth of used clothing donations were made. Think you can help double that in 2018?

Give Old-Fashioned Clothes A Little Extra Love

There’s nothing wrong with old-fashioned clothes. In fact, depending on who you ask, clothes that take after the 80’s and 90’s are always in. High-waisted skinny jeans, colorful sweaters, worn-out sneakers…they all lend a certain charm that can make you stand out far more than if you just chased the most recent trend. While plenty of thrift stores have modern styles to choose from thanks to daily donations, take a glance at some of the classic outfits languishing in the back of any given charitable establishment. You may be surprised at what you find.

Keep Your Receipt If You Want To Save Some Money

Interested in saving some money when you participate in used clothing pick up services? Make sure to keep your receipt after you reach out to military charities. Today nearly 95% of Americans will participate in some level of charitable giving, with used clothing the most popular alongside furniture and toy donations. Certain clothes can garner quite a bit of revenue on your yearly taxes, such as suits and shoes, and keeping your receipt will make sure your figures aren’t off when spring comes around. How’s that for a full package?

Reach Out To Clothing Pick Up Services To Help Out Your Community

Last, but certainly not least, used clothing donations are incredible at helping out your community. Textiles are easily recycled and can be put back into new outfits or items without a drop in quality. The recovery rate for used clothing back in 2011 was 15%. This figure could be much, much higher with the aid of used clothing pick up services. Sending out clothes that no longer fit your body or your personal taste can put useful materials into your economy, provide your community with useful items to purchase and keep landfills from growing. All in all, not a bad way to continue 2018.

Who says you can’t look good and feel good at the same time? See how you can achieve it all with used clothing pick up services.

26 Mar 2018

What Should be in a Good Beard Oil Kit?

Beard care

Are you looking for a beard oil kit? The grooming market for men worldwide was worth more than $20 billion in 2017. The market is only growing, with Euromonitor predicting it to reach $60.7 billion by the year 2020. Shaving products along are expected to account for 30% of sales by that year, or more than $18 billion. With all that money to be made, there are plenty of companies jumping on the wagon to provide a beard oil kit people will love. With all this choice, what should you look for in the right beard oil kit?

Look for All Natural Beard Oil

More men are becoming aware of the importance of beard care and how beard oils and other grooming products fit into beard care. But if you really want to cultivate a good beard, you want products that will actually take care of it. When it come to beard oils, the best beard oil kit will give you natural oils that enhance growth, make your face less itchy, and strengthen your beard. Look for beard oils that contain no filler ingredients, but just natural oils like olive, coconut, argan, or sweet almond.

Look for a Beard Oil Kit With Brush and comb

The right comb makes a huge difference to your whole grooming experience. Not just any comb will do. You need one with medium sized teeth that will glide through the hair on your face rather than catch and twist it. Using a comb helps you style your beard, and over time you can train the hair in the direction you desire. You also want a good beard brush, preferably made of boar bristle. This improves the health of your beard, making it cleaner and detangling it in the process. Boar hair is great because the bristles work at varying lengths, allowing you to reach hair of different lengths on your own face. The natural boar hair stimulates the follicles of your face and absorbs excess oil from your own pores.

Get a Beard Oil Kit With Barber’s Trimming Scissors

If you’ve ever trimmed your beard with scissors you just found around the house, stop it now. You want the trimming scissors used by barbers, as these give you exact control as you cut. It allows you to rid yourself of split ends, remove tangled hairs, and keep up a uniform appearance that improves the look of your beard and your jawline. It also makes it a lot easier to eat when you have a large mustache and beard.

13 Mar 2018