A Guide to the Daith Piercing


A daith piercing is simply a piercing on the inner earlobe. This is not only a trendy fashion statement amongst young people but it is also proven to help people with migraines. This type of piercing is becoming much more popular amongst people as the years go on.

A Harris Poll was conducted in the year of 2015 that surrounded people with tattoos based on their generation. This poll revealed that just about 36% of all Generation Xers stated that they have at the very least one tattoo. It also revealed that just about 47% of all Millennials have at the very least one tattoo. Much like tattoos, piercings are on the rise and here is why:

Piercings Are Popular Just Like Tattoos

The research was done in the year of 2015 surrounding American citizens and piercings. This survey revealed that just about 14% of all Americans that have body piercings in have done in locations other than their earlobe. So not only do a lot of people have a daith piercing, but they may have piercings elsewhere.

Around 33% of women who had bodily piercings reported they had their navel pierced. Piercings are incredibly common with women, maybe even more so than men. This is certainly true for the daith piercing, which is not just the bottom ear lobe being pierced.

A Daith Piercing Can Help Heal Migraines

While it may seem incredibly random and maybe even untrue, a daith piercing can seriously help people with migraines. As a result, some people, but not all, may prefer to get a daith piercing as opposed to taking daily medication. Some people will prefer alternative methods as opposed to the sort of traditional prescription drugs utilized by many American citizens.

A survey was conducted by MigrainePal surrounding people who got a daith piercing and their migraine frequency. This survey revealed that nearly 47% of all respondents reported that their migraines are much less frequent after they obtained their piercing. Plus, just about 50% of all people have said that the piercing in their daith has reduced the severity and overall painful impact of their migraines.

In the United States alone there are more than 37 million people suffer from serious migraines. These migraines can impact their lives and may prevent them from living like they normally do. Some studies have estimated that nearly 13% of all adults in the United States population have migraines and nearly 3 million people who have migraines suffer from it as a chronic problem. This means they deal migraines often.

In Conclusion

There are people who suffer from serious migraines on a nearly daily basis. These migraines can potentially take them out of their daily activities because they are so painful and severe. As a result, people will go out of their way to help themselves not only prevent migraines but to strike down how painful the migraines are. As a result, there are some people that will get their daith pierced so that way they can prevent themselves from dealing with serious issues.