What Should be in a Good Beard Oil Kit?

Beard care

Are you looking for a beard oil kit? The grooming market for men worldwide was worth more than $20 billion in 2017. The market is only growing, with Euromonitor predicting it to reach $60.7 billion by the year 2020. Shaving products along are expected to account for 30% of sales by that year, or more than $18 billion. With all that money to be made, there are plenty of companies jumping on the wagon to provide a beard oil kit people will love. With all this choice, what should you look for in the right beard oil kit?

Look for All Natural Beard Oil

More men are becoming aware of the importance of beard care and how beard oils and other grooming products fit into beard care. But if you really want to cultivate a good beard, you want products that will actually take care of it. When it come to beard oils, the best beard oil kit will give you natural oils that enhance growth, make your face less itchy, and strengthen your beard. Look for beard oils that contain no filler ingredients, but just natural oils like olive, coconut, argan, or sweet almond.

Look for a Beard Oil Kit With Brush and comb

The right comb makes a huge difference to your whole grooming experience. Not just any comb will do. You need one with medium sized teeth that will glide through the hair on your face rather than catch and twist it. Using a comb helps you style your beard, and over time you can train the hair in the direction you desire. You also want a good beard brush, preferably made of boar bristle. This improves the health of your beard, making it cleaner and detangling it in the process. Boar hair is great because the bristles work at varying lengths, allowing you to reach hair of different lengths on your own face. The natural boar hair stimulates the follicles of your face and absorbs excess oil from your own pores.

Get a Beard Oil Kit With Barber’s Trimming Scissors

If you’ve ever trimmed your beard with scissors you just found around the house, stop it now. You want the trimming scissors used by barbers, as these give you exact control as you cut. It allows you to rid yourself of split ends, remove tangled hairs, and keep up a uniform appearance that improves the look of your beard and your jawline. It also makes it a lot easier to eat when you have a large mustache and beard.