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Popular Types of Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass wedding jewelry ideas

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique gift for a special woman in your life? Perhaps you have a daughter graduating high school or a cousin who is getting married and you want to make sure that the gift you get them is meaningful. One option that has been winning people over for years now is sea glass jewelry. Sea glass is made when glass that has been thrown into the ocean soaks in the salt water and get tossed against the sand by the waves. Over time (anywhere from 5 to 50 years) the sharp edges and corners of the glass become smooth. It comes in dozens of colors and is absolutely beautiful. Below are a few options for sea glass jewelry:

1. Sea Glass Charms – Charm bracelets are always a favorite because they can represent so much about a person. Many girls receive charm bracelets early in life and enjoy being able to add to their collection over time. A sea glass charm could represent someone’s love of the ocean or even just say something about their favorite place to visit.

2. Sea Glass Rings – If you are looking for a truly unique gift, consider a sea glass ring. Not only are they hard to come by, but they are a piece of jewelry that everyone seems to ask about. The soft colors that sea glass usually take on are hard to look away from. Just like other gemstone rings, sea glass can be set in all sorts of different metals from sterling silver to platinum or 14 carat gold.

3. Sea Glass Pendants – Some larger pieces of sea glass are great as pendants that can hang from a necklace. If you know someone who wears necklaces quite a bit and has various styles of chains to choose from then a sea glass pendant could be a great gift for her.

Sea glass is found all over the world and has been around since before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Over the last decade, collecting sea glass has become popular which means that the supply has dwindled which makes the sea glass charms, rings, and pendants even more special. If you want to give a women in your life an exciting and unique gift this year, consider a piece of jewelry that showcases sea glass.

30 Jun 2017

Designing a Home That Promotes Comfort and Relaxation

High end garments

Your house is your base point throughout the day. It is the one place that you can go to be comfortable and to regain your thoughts. It is a place of anxiety reduction. It is where you go after a long work day. If your home is not providing these feelings to you, it is time to redecorate. The items that you furnish your home with serve a greater purpose than to simply decorate. These are the items that will turn the house into a home.

Create a comfortable overall design
Planning your home design ahead of time can help you achieve the final look you are going for. If comfort is your goal, choose a design pattern that increases comfort and relaxation. For most people, this is in the form or a modern or open floor plan. Open floor plans give off a clean and smooth look. High end furnishings and modern Italian furniture of an open floor plan make the space look larger and cleaner. Larger and cleaner homes promote comfort.

Choose comfortable high end furnishings
High end furnishings are ideal, because they last longer. They are made out of better materials and thus, are more durable. However, do not let high end furnishings be your only purchase factor. Comfort is also important when it comes to furniture. After you have had a long and stressful day, you will want to come home and put your feet up on your favorite fine Italian furniture. Furniture is usually the third most expensive thing a person will ever buy, after a house and a car. Make sure your investment is worth it and that it provides you comfort.

Invest in high end artwork
Artwork may not initially appear to be worth the cost. However, art work and the other furnishings that you place on your walls have a significant effect on your overall mood. Why do people go to art shows? They go to encourage emotion and to really feel the artwork on display. High end furnishings include quality artwork. The specific artwork that you choose to furnish your home with will depend on your art preferences. Some people may prefer brightly colored canvases, while others prefer neutral toned statues. Visit your local art gallery and see which Italian furnishings and high end artwork speaks to you. Pay attention to how they make you feel.

Your bed is more important than you think
High quality bedding can get very expensive. But, your bedding quality may be much more important than you even realize. The amount of sleep that you get directly affects the rest of your day. If you have a poor night of sleep, it can affect your job, your overall mood, and your social relationships. Choose a bedding material that is suited for your sleep style. Don?t be put off by high price tags, as a quality night of sleep is invaluable.

Younger generations are the buyers who are more likely to purchase discount bedding and luxury Italian sofas. Baby boomers and older generations have usually learned by now the importance of high quality bedding. In 2012, Boomers accounted for 42% of all furniture and bedding buying households. Fast forward to 2014 when Boomers, currently between the ages of 51 and 69, comprised 29% of all buyers.

The household furniture industry is increasing. The global luxury furniture market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 4% between 2015 and 2019. One of the biggest populations of luxury furniture and bedding sales are those customers who understand the value of comfort within the home. Creating a household with the best furniture and bedding that promotes comfort and relaxation is essential to a stress free and relaxing lifestyle.

29 Jun 2017

How to Get the Best Men’s Shoes

Mens monk strap shoes

High end mens shoes are more popular than ever and that trend is only going to continue as they becoming increasingly popular amongst men as time proceeds. More and more men are into fashion and are focusing on their presentability in not only their workplace but also amongst their every day activities. Men want to look good, because when they look good they feel good. Deciding which type of designer shoes is best for you is no easy task. While you may have a knack or an eye for fashion, it is also important to assure that whatever type of designer shoe you are purchasing is something that will be reliable and can lost you quite some time if you wear it on a daily and consistent basis. There is nothing worse than purchasing a nice pair of high end designer leather shoes only to have them fall apart within a month after being purchased. Designer goodyear welted shoes are one of the many high end designer shoes and artisan shoes that has become increasingly popular in terms of mens foot wear. Here are some things that you should know when you sit down to make your next pair of Italian loafers or leather Oxford shoes.

Don’t be too obsessed with the biggest name brands. While you may feel the need to purchase from a household name, that may not be the best route to go down. Instead focus on getting a shoe that is comfortable and reliable. The style and grace of most high end mens shoes are going to come with the package. To prove that high end mens footwear is very popular, here is a statistic that reveals it to be a truth. Mens spending on luxury accounted for 40$ of global sales, which means that it grew almost twice as fast as women’s in 2011, 14% compared with 8% respectively. With more and more men seeking out high end fashion wear, there are more and more brands popping up that are new and hungry for business. These brands are looking to put out quality shoes that will develop a name for themselves and will become respected amongst other high end shoes. Designer goodyear welted shoes is one of those brands that wants new customers and consumers seeking out high end shoes to come and buy their shoes.

Mens alligator shoes, mens crocodile skin shoes, and mens designer dress shoes are quickly on the rise in terms of what men are purchasing in regards to high end fashion. Designer goodyear welted shoes is becoming quite popular as well amongst high end fashion. Designer goodyear welted shoes is one of many new brands that want customers and conumsers to purchase their shoes. With this in mind, be sure to weight out your many options including designer goodyear welted shoes and other welted shoes and luxury Italian shoes. With so many options there is no need to rush. Whether it be designer goodyear welted shoes or another brand, be sure to get the right shoes that fit you and make you feel great.

27 Jun 2017

How Many Pair of Mens Dress Shoes Do You Have in Your Closet?

Leather dress shoes

Your husband looked devastated.
In his words, he had walked into the closet a kid, but was walking out as an old man.
He had been in his closet for quite awhile and you had actually started to wonder if something was wrong. When he finally walked back out to the bedroom, though, he looked crestfallen. After a few seconds he admitted the problem. He was looking for a pair of black designer leather shoes he had not worn for awhile. In the process of looking for them he decided to reorganize all the shoes. It was in the middle of this reorganization when he realized that there had been a major change in his closet. He found the pair of black designer leather shoes that he was looking for, but he also found something else.
As he completed the reorganization, he realized that his assortment of all of his shoes in the closet no longer looked like they belonged to a young man. The collection now looked like what he remembers seeing in his own father’s closet. More dress shoes than athletic shoes. More casual work shoes than canvas boat shoes. How, he wondered, had this happen. He confessed that he feared that his shoes were simply a reflection of his life.
He was now a boring old man.
The poor guy felt so badly that you really did try to sympathize. You really did try not to laugh. In the end, though, you simply could not hold it all in. The small smile became a giggle, and then the giggle exploded into full blown laughter. Before long, even your husband had to admit that his drama about his shoe inventory was pretty funny. It was pathetic as well, but it was funny.
Everyone’s Wardrobe Has to Grow Up at Some Time
It is a sign of adulthood. The fact that your show inventory transfers from a closet floor full of athletic shoes to more expensive and more conservative leather dress shoes does not have to mean, however, that you are getting old. It simply means that you realize the importance of making a good first impression. And while the hottest pair of athletic shoes may have been the ticket to impressing your college buds, but the decision to upgrade your footwear to a more adult look is the decision to make an investment in yourself.
Several studies have shown that visual cues are three times to five times as powerful as audio cues. What you wear, then, speaks much louder than anything you say. And while many people will make sure that there slacks and shirt are looking the best, it is often only the most confident men who will pay attention to their accessories as well. From mens luxury leather belts to the leather satchel or briefcase that you carry to the shoes that you select, you have many opportunities to impress those who you see every day at work. Knowing how important first impressions are, doesn’t it make sense to dress your best? Psychology studies go so far as to say that first impressions are formed within only seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone. These same studies also reveal that 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance.
It is no wonder then that the mens fashion industry, including designer leather shoes, continues to grow. Consider some of these convincing facts:

  • Designer leather shoes are just one part of the mens fashion footwear industry that increased by 39% between the year 2009 and 2014.
  • Making up as much as 40% of global sales, men?s spending on luxury also grew almost twice as fast as women?s in 2011. The men’s numbers grew 14%, compared to the women’s numbers that only grew by 8%.
  • Leather dress shoes can last tens of thousands of flexes, especially if you take the time to use shoe trees and leather polish, which can increase the lifespan of shoes significantly.
  • In addition to shoe trees and polish, it is also a good idea to make sure that you rotate your shoes, giving each pair at least one day’s rest to return to its initial shape.

24 Jun 2017

Simple Fashion Tips For Reinventing Your Look For The New Year

Wooden wrist watches

What does fashion mean to you? Is it a way for you to express your personality through color and style? Or perhaps a means to an end as you try to achieve the promotion of your dreams? Fashion is a form of human expression dating back many centuries and something that shows itself today through everyday fashion items such as wooden wrist watches and sustainable accessories. A popular one, most surprisingly among the twenty-something crowd, is that of watches. Practical and stylish, they fit nearly every outfit and can add a sense of class to even a casual ensemble. If you could use a few fashion tips this year as you enter the dating scene or plan some fundraisers for the first time, the below tips will help you get started on the trendiest, and most green, way of looking good.

Try Wood Materials

Wooden watches on sale are starting to see a rise in popularity. Why not? Environmentally friendly mens wood watches tick off multiple boxes on many people’s lists, allowing them to buy green and look mean no matter where they go. Wood is classy and natural, offering a wide variety of pleasant colors and textures to match any outfit. Not only do they look great, they’re a simple addition that requires almost no work.

Mix Your Neutrals

Worried that your outfit might clash? You’ll want to become familiar with neutrals. Nearly 85% of people own at least one watch, if not several models, and the most popular colors even now are brown, grays and whites. Neutrals go easy on the eye and match well with any color scheme, allowing you to tie your outfit together without looking like you fell out of your closet. For those that need more than surface level tips, you’ll want to keep reading…

Read Your Resources

Need a bit more information before you look into wooden watches on sale? Look into the Apparel Sustainability Rating Index. The majority of shoppers at 60% expressed interest in this resource when seeking out products, while one in three who don’t consider sustainability admitting it simply wasn’t available where they shopped. The Index can give you any information you need to know on eco-friendly standards, durability and green materials. But how about switching it up a little?

Switch Up Accessories

Wooden watches for men or wooden watches for women can be a wonderful touch-up to any outfit. Why not switch it up? Try different colored watches or different styles when going out on the town or meeting with your boss. According to consumer research provided by the Experian Simmons firm, around 42 million Americans bought watches for themselves back in 2011. This doesn’t even count those who chose it as a birthday gift or well-wishing token! Wooden watches on sale are a great pick for many reasons.
Perhaps they can help you try something new.

Try Something New This Year

Fashion is an extension of yourself. As such, it can do wonders for your self-esteem and your place on the social ladder to offer yourself the best options around. Millennials have been found to be the most willing to pay extra money for sustainable offerings, with three out of four respondents to a survey leaving positive comments on eco-friendly business models. The number of watches sold around the world has exceeded one billion. Will you add one to your growing style?

09 Jun 2017

Make a Contribution to Your Community and the Environment Donate Your Used Clothing to The Military Order of the Purple Heart

Charities that pick up clothing donations

When you make clothing donations to veterans charities such as The Military Order of the Purple Heart, it makes a significant impact on the lives of military families as well as the environment. The 12 million tons of clothing and household textiles that are being thrown away every year could be reused and/or repurposed.

Every year, research shows that the average person in the United States creates 82 pounds of textile waste. Americans only donate or recycle 15% of their used clothing, and the remainder goes into landfills. When considering the fact that most of these textiles could be worn again, reused, or repurposed, it appears that textiles have the lowest recycling rate.

Many Americans do make an effort to recycle. While approximately 2 million tons of used clothing is recycled every year, less than half is apparently worn again. The remainder of these recycled textiles are used as follows:

  • Cut up for industrial rags: 30%
  • Shredded for couch stuffing and home insulation: 20%

Americans could increase their recycling efforts in other areas as well. Every day, the average person will generate 4.5 pounds of trash. Over the course of a year, this is roughly 1.5 tons of solid waste. While the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that an estimated 75% of this waste may be recyclable, just 30% is, in fact, recycled.

It’s important to note the recycling efforts that were made in 2012. Data indicates that 67 million tons of material was either composted and/or recycled. While this does make a positive environmental impact, it is not nearly enough. If, for example, every person in the United States were to recycle 1/10 of their newspapers, 25 million trees could be saved on an annual basis.

Food waste is another area where more efforts could be made. Since Americans generate 21.5 million tons of food waste every year, this could be composted. The environmental impact of this composting would be the equivalent of taking 2 million cars off of the road, which means that greenhouse gases could be reduced.

When you consider the positive impact of recycling, it’s important to make a concerted effort to do so. Whether you make clothing donations to charitable organizations such as The Military Order of the Purpose Heart, or read the newspaper online rather than have it delivered, you are making a significant contribution to your community. Furthermore, you are helping military families and the programs that provide assistance for them.

06 Jun 2017