Simple Fashion Tips For Reinventing Your Look For The New Year

Wooden wrist watches

What does fashion mean to you? Is it a way for you to express your personality through color and style? Or perhaps a means to an end as you try to achieve the promotion of your dreams? Fashion is a form of human expression dating back many centuries and something that shows itself today through everyday fashion items such as wooden wrist watches and sustainable accessories. A popular one, most surprisingly among the twenty-something crowd, is that of watches. Practical and stylish, they fit nearly every outfit and can add a sense of class to even a casual ensemble. If you could use a few fashion tips this year as you enter the dating scene or plan some fundraisers for the first time, the below tips will help you get started on the trendiest, and most green, way of looking good.

Try Wood Materials

Wooden watches on sale are starting to see a rise in popularity. Why not? Environmentally friendly mens wood watches tick off multiple boxes on many people’s lists, allowing them to buy green and look mean no matter where they go. Wood is classy and natural, offering a wide variety of pleasant colors and textures to match any outfit. Not only do they look great, they’re a simple addition that requires almost no work.

Mix Your Neutrals

Worried that your outfit might clash? You’ll want to become familiar with neutrals. Nearly 85% of people own at least one watch, if not several models, and the most popular colors even now are brown, grays and whites. Neutrals go easy on the eye and match well with any color scheme, allowing you to tie your outfit together without looking like you fell out of your closet. For those that need more than surface level tips, you’ll want to keep reading…

Read Your Resources

Need a bit more information before you look into wooden watches on sale? Look into the Apparel Sustainability Rating Index. The majority of shoppers at 60% expressed interest in this resource when seeking out products, while one in three who don’t consider sustainability admitting it simply wasn’t available where they shopped. The Index can give you any information you need to know on eco-friendly standards, durability and green materials. But how about switching it up a little?

Switch Up Accessories

Wooden watches for men or wooden watches for women can be a wonderful touch-up to any outfit. Why not switch it up? Try different colored watches or different styles when going out on the town or meeting with your boss. According to consumer research provided by the Experian Simmons firm, around 42 million Americans bought watches for themselves back in 2011. This doesn’t even count those who chose it as a birthday gift or well-wishing token! Wooden watches on sale are a great pick for many reasons.
Perhaps they can help you try something new.

Try Something New This Year

Fashion is an extension of yourself. As such, it can do wonders for your self-esteem and your place on the social ladder to offer yourself the best options around. Millennials have been found to be the most willing to pay extra money for sustainable offerings, with three out of four respondents to a survey leaving positive comments on eco-friendly business models. The number of watches sold around the world has exceeded one billion. Will you add one to your growing style?