Popular Types of Sea Glass Jewelry

Sea glass wedding jewelry ideas

Are you looking for a beautiful and unique gift for a special woman in your life? Perhaps you have a daughter graduating high school or a cousin who is getting married and you want to make sure that the gift you get them is meaningful. One option that has been winning people over for years now is sea glass jewelry. Sea glass is made when glass that has been thrown into the ocean soaks in the salt water and get tossed against the sand by the waves. Over time (anywhere from 5 to 50 years) the sharp edges and corners of the glass become smooth. It comes in dozens of colors and is absolutely beautiful. Below are a few options for sea glass jewelry:

1. Sea Glass Charms – Charm bracelets are always a favorite because they can represent so much about a person. Many girls receive charm bracelets early in life and enjoy being able to add to their collection over time. A sea glass charm could represent someone’s love of the ocean or even just say something about their favorite place to visit.

2. Sea Glass Rings – If you are looking for a truly unique gift, consider a sea glass ring. Not only are they hard to come by, but they are a piece of jewelry that everyone seems to ask about. The soft colors that sea glass usually take on are hard to look away from. Just like other gemstone rings, sea glass can be set in all sorts of different metals from sterling silver to platinum or 14 carat gold.

3. Sea Glass Pendants – Some larger pieces of sea glass are great as pendants that can hang from a necklace. If you know someone who wears necklaces quite a bit and has various styles of chains to choose from then a sea glass pendant could be a great gift for her.

Sea glass is found all over the world and has been around since before 2000 B.C. in Mesopotamia. Over the last decade, collecting sea glass has become popular which means that the supply has dwindled which makes the sea glass charms, rings, and pendants even more special. If you want to give a women in your life an exciting and unique gift this year, consider a piece of jewelry that showcases sea glass.