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Wholesale Beach Towel Suppliers Providing Ideal Beach Days for All

Tips for buying beach towels

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? The water lapping onto the shore, the warm rays of the sun, sandcastles, and the pure relaxation of releasing all of the pent up stress of the day or the week out into the air, to be whisked away on the wind. Of course, many people have very different ideas of what constitutes the ideal beach experience, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There are those who prefer the smoothness of stone beaches, those who feel the trip is not complete until they do a bit of snorkeling, those who wander along the shore, just getting their feet wet. Whatever the case may be, one thing is pretty certain: everyone is going to need a good beach towel.

Wholesale beach towel suppliers for the beachgoing masses

When you want to buy a beach towel, generally you are simply thinking about the functionality. But it is always nice to have trusty, quality towels that not only get the job done when you emerge from the water, but also that are pleasant to look at. You want to be proud to spread that towel out on the beach. Maybe you want it to speak to who you are as a person, as a beach goer, and as an adventurer. Maybe you want to be reminded of something or someone that you love.

Photo beach towels are a great option for those who
want something customized to their lifestyle. And there are also wholesale beach towel suppliers that will be able to provide the quantity and quality of the towels that you are looking for. Wholesale beach towel suppliers are particularly good if your business is exploring promotional beach towel ideas. Imagine your company’s name, logo, or other representation spread out all over the beach!

Making a day of it

Some people prefer the shade, or would rather enjoy the comfort of the air conditioning inside. But for those who can’t get enough of the beach, there is plenty to do. Whether you find a small, quiet lake at the end of a hike, or you want to get some of that salt air at the most popular beach in the area, if the beach speaks to you, you’re going to feel right at home dropping that towel on the sand or stone and making it a beach day.

People are drawn to the beach for all sorts of reasons, relaxing among the most common, but there is always something else to do. The actual activity of swimming is incredibly good for you. Going for a swim can result in burning as many as 800 or 900 calories after just one hour. You use so many different muscles when you kick it in for a good swim, which is a good thing, because if you can put in even two and a half hours of aerobic exercise each week, you can end up significantly lowering your risk of chronic illness over time.

One survey showed that the two most popular beach activities were walking and swimming, but with the right beach towel in tow, along with an open mind and happy heart, you will have a fantastic beach day, no matter what you end up doing.

22 Aug 2017

Reusable Grocery Bags are Not the Enemy — Really!

Wholesale recycled shopping bags

Some people in America are upset over the latest political fiesco. Others find issue with how Christmas decorations are now popping up as early as September in stores. But still others fixate on an usual thing to get upset about: plastic bag taxes.

?How is this constitutional?? asks a letter to the editor in Central Maine?s Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinal, then noting that the proposal left them with a ? left me with a feeling of outrage.?

It?s not surprising that some people might get upset over proposed bag taxes — after all, it?s something they didn?t have to pay for, before, for something they might need every time they go grocery shopping.

There?s a way around this problem, though, and it doesn?t involve sending more angry letters to the editor. Instead, the solution? It?s reusable bags.

Fact: They?re Better for the Environment

Whether or not you truly care about the birds and the bees, the research is in: using reusable bags over the course of your lifetime can prevent up to 22,000 plastic bags from being thrown out, where they?ll uselessly take up limited space in landfills across the country. Right now? Only about 2% of all plastic bags are ever recycled. That?s a lot of trash being needlessly created — every single day.

False: Custom Reusable Bags are Expensive

At most retailers, these reusable bags are available for $2 or less, and the average bag can take the place of approximately 700 plastic bags before it has to be thrown away. What?s even better: you?re not limited to just carrying around your groceries. These can be handy carry-alls day in and day out.

True: You?ll be Helping Yourself in the Long Run

It?s true, you may not need to pay for your grocery bags today. A couple months or a year down the line, though, it?s going to be more and more common in America for grocery bag taxes to be put into place. Start now, and you?ll not only be saving the environment — you?ll be saving yourself a bit of cash every week, before you know it.

False: Bags Just Make Consumers Angry

If you’re a retailer, there’s an added bonus to this trend: custom reusable bags can help your customers carry their purchases, and serve as a reminder that you’re the place to come to the next time they need groceries, liquor, pet supplies, whatever.

Has a store ever made you pay for custom reusable bags? Would you pay a grocery tax? Let us know!

22 Aug 2017

Get the Most out of your Outdoor Adventures

Sporting store

The benefits of time spent outdoors are overwhelming. While Americans have the benefit of an expansive national park system, Asian countries have actually moved to having doctors prescribe time in nature for people with depression or anxiety. In the States, of course, we have the space and the supplies to do this on our own and for leisure. But before you go outside, make sure to stop at a sporting store or an outdoor outfitter.

A visit to a sporting store can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so it’s best to go in with a plan. While many sell goods from archery supplies to kayaks to baseball gloves, you probably won’t need all of those on one trip — although if you are, that sounds like one heck of a trip.

Where to Begin?

Let’s say you’re going for a camping trip. Camping equipment racks up a nationwide sales total of almost $2 billion in the United States each year. If that seems like a lot, that’s because it is. However, the good news for those who buy camping supplies is that they generally get a lot of use out of their adventure gear. An average “camper” goes camping about five times per year, so spending a few hundred dollars at the sporting goods store can be a sound investment.

What will you do on your trip?

A standard camping trip probably includes a tent, a backpack, a campfire, and a decent amount of hiking. Footwear, fire-ready cooking supplies, a waterproof backpack for your tent — these are all things you’ll need before taking off. If you’re more adventurous, you might need to include climbing gear, hunting gear, or fishing tackle. The good news is that your sporting store will still be able to have you covered. The bad news is that if you’re planning to do all of these things on one trip, your shoulders are going to get very tired because your backpack will weigh about 100 pounds.

In a lot of cases, outdoor trips are social events. About 70% of trips — in general — are taken with friends. The stereotype of sitting around the campfire with friends exists because it’s a nice thing to do.

For hunting, the average hunter spends nearly $2,000 per year on the hobby. Some of this expense is on bows or rifles while some of it is on camouflage clothing and deer-spray.
Even so, when you stop at the sporting store you can stock up on adventure clothing, camouflage gloves, or almost anything else to help you blend in with whatever surroundings you want to blend into. From hiking boots to jogging shoes and from sandals to mountain-bike helmets, they’ll have you covered.

08 Aug 2017

5 Tips for Sticking to Your Tight Wedding Budget

Where to rent table linens

Weddings can be outrageously expensive. In fact, nearly 50% of all couples will end up spending more on their celebration than they had originally budgeted for. Because you have likely never been married before, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the true cost of your wedding celebration. Everywhere you look, it seems like items are more expensive than planned. If you are a on a budget, the following wedding tips will get you the most for your money.

Set a budget

Although many couples go over their intended wedding budget, it is still important to set one. A budget forces you to consider every single cost. You should first set an amount for the entire celebration and then divide it into percentages. For example, figure out how much of your budget you want to go to your dress. This gives you an exact number to strive for when wedding shopping. It also requires that you choose the most important parts of the wedding to you and your spouse and allocate the highest percentage of the budget to those areas.

Pay in cash, when possible

Financing a wedding not only starts off your marriage in debt, but it also leads to higher spending. When you are paying for everything in cash, you are forced to consider what is important. You may choose not to spend that extra $200 for centerpieces. Paying in cash is one of the best ways to stick to a tight budget. With 50% of women saying that their wedding is more stressful than they imagined, it is important to make budget and planning cuts when possible.

Always go with rentals

Some couple may be tempted to purchase things, because the price seems better. However, it is also unlikely that you will ever use these items again. Take linens for wedding for example, it may only cost a couple dollars more per table linens for rent to purchase, but those extra dollars add up. After the wedding, you are left with linens for weddings that will sit in a box for many years. Even if another event comes up, you will have to pay to have those tables linens rentals professionally cleaned. In most cases, it makes more sense to rent linens rentals.

Know which decorating accessories make the most difference

There are endless options available when it comes to decorating your ceremony and reception area. Try not to get caught up in these options, as it can significantly increase your spending. You can avoid this by planning your decorations ahead of time. Have an idea of the look that you are attempting and only purchase decorative items that fit within this look. Also, know which decorating items are affordable, but make the most difference. Chair covers for weddings, for example, can drastically change the look of a room. When you rent linens for weddings, like chair cover rentals, you can usually cut down on your centerpiece costs. Linens for weddings also serve a dual purpose, acting as a decoration and also protecting the tables of the venue.

Spend more on entertainment

Some couples get caught up in the minimal aspects of the wedding. Think about all of the weddings that you have been to in your lifetime. What do you remember most about these weddings? Do you remember the music or the dessert? Do you remember the fun times that you had with your friends and family or do you remember what the wedding favor was? Most people remember your wedding by the amount of fun that they had. Keep this in mind as you plan your wedding and always choose to spend more on memorable aspects, like the DJ and the social interaction possibilities.

Weddings are a billion dollar industry in the United States. Each weekend an average of 44,230 weddings take place. Planning your own wedding can become overwhelming because of the high costs. However, if you remember to set a budget, pay in cash when possible, always go with rentals like linens for weddings, and know which decorating tips are most important, you can cut a good amount of costs off your final wedding planning bill.

07 Aug 2017

Safety Jackets And Earplugs How To Reduce Common Hazards Faced By Construction Workers

High visibility work vest

How can you make your working environment safer for your construction workers? Operating heavy machinery is dangerous. Working in tempestuous weather can also be. Keeping workers from contracting illness or becoming injured is an ongoing task that sees no rest. With the aid of proper equipment and a constant eye for danger, you can make one of the most dangerous industries that much safer for the workers that repair our roads, create our buildings and clean our streets.

Below are some of the more common pieces of equipment that no site should ever be without.

Reflective Safety Jacket

Many workers have to operate heavy machinery and transport luggage in the dark. A reflective safety jacket makes it easier for others to spot them in poor light, reducing the risk of accidents by a significant margin. Breathable reflective rain gear does the dual work of protecting against cold temperatures, as well, and can nip common illnesses in the bud. No construction environment is complete without a standard reflective safety jacket.


A frequent hazard brought by construction environments is constant exposure to loud noises. Permanent hearing loss can be caused by sounds louder than 85 decibels. The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health has also determined that the maximum exposure time to any sound at 85 decibels is eight hours. Earplugs, however, can reduce noise by 15 to 30 decibels.

Durable Shoes

Construction workers have to walk, stand and transport heavy objects for hours on end. While the average person can walk perhaps 10,000 steps per day (provided they aren’t in a particularly active industry themselves), a construction worker or day laborer will do three times as much. A good pair of shoes should be durable enough to keep from losing their texture or pliancy over the months. The grip should be solid enough to be stable on uneven or slippery ground.


Gloves are necessary to stave off cuts, burns and even potential loss of limb. They should fit securely and be made out of a waterproof material, to boot. They’re useful for preventing burns, steeling against the cold and even helping with grip when operating machinery. Coupled with a good pair of shoes and a reflective safety jacket, many minor to moderate injuries can be easily avoided.

Creating A Safer Work Environment

A custom reflective vest or high vis pants are more than just for show. They shield workers from the everyday hazards they need to navigate through in order to do their job to the fullest. Newer employees are also more likely to take sick leave than their more experienced counterparts. Nearly one-third of nonfatal work injuries that 2013 required time away were from employees with less than a year under their belt.

A project is only as good as its workers. With safety equipment carefully maintained and utilized at all times, the construction industry can shake off its reputation as a dangerous field and keep more people safe than ever before.

02 Aug 2017