Reusable Grocery Bags are Not the Enemy — Really!

Wholesale recycled shopping bags

Some people in America are upset over the latest political fiesco. Others find issue with how Christmas decorations are now popping up as early as September in stores. But still others fixate on an usual thing to get upset about: plastic bag taxes.

?How is this constitutional?? asks a letter to the editor in Central Maine?s Kennebec Journal and Morning Sentinal, then noting that the proposal left them with a ? left me with a feeling of outrage.?

It?s not surprising that some people might get upset over proposed bag taxes — after all, it?s something they didn?t have to pay for, before, for something they might need every time they go grocery shopping.

There?s a way around this problem, though, and it doesn?t involve sending more angry letters to the editor. Instead, the solution? It?s reusable bags.

Fact: They?re Better for the Environment

Whether or not you truly care about the birds and the bees, the research is in: using reusable bags over the course of your lifetime can prevent up to 22,000 plastic bags from being thrown out, where they?ll uselessly take up limited space in landfills across the country. Right now? Only about 2% of all plastic bags are ever recycled. That?s a lot of trash being needlessly created — every single day.

False: Custom Reusable Bags are Expensive

At most retailers, these reusable bags are available for $2 or less, and the average bag can take the place of approximately 700 plastic bags before it has to be thrown away. What?s even better: you?re not limited to just carrying around your groceries. These can be handy carry-alls day in and day out.

True: You?ll be Helping Yourself in the Long Run

It?s true, you may not need to pay for your grocery bags today. A couple months or a year down the line, though, it?s going to be more and more common in America for grocery bag taxes to be put into place. Start now, and you?ll not only be saving the environment — you?ll be saving yourself a bit of cash every week, before you know it.

False: Bags Just Make Consumers Angry

If you’re a retailer, there’s an added bonus to this trend: custom reusable bags can help your customers carry their purchases, and serve as a reminder that you’re the place to come to the next time they need groceries, liquor, pet supplies, whatever.

Has a store ever made you pay for custom reusable bags? Would you pay a grocery tax? Let us know!