Month: November 2017

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Have You Made Your Giving Tuesday Donation?

It is Giving Tuesday. A day that is set aside every year for people across the country to make donations for non profit organizations. From national organizations like the Red Cross to private universities and small charities that are only open for a day, the decision to make donations for non profit organizations on this […]

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Choosing a High Visibility Safety Clothing for Work

When it comes to matters of safety and security on the job site, being seen is often the first step. Occupational accidents are one of the top causes of workers death and injuries. In 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job. That amounts to roughly 13 deaths every single work day. If you are […]

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Donating Clothes Creates A Cleaner, Happier Community For Everyone Here’s How

It’s because of charitable donations are world is made a little brighter. Not everyone has the means of buying expensive clothes or enjoying a full dinner spread during the holidays. When you want to put a smile on a stranger’s face and even brighten up your own life, charitable clothing donations can offer a positive […]

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Looking for Party Favors? Try Temporary Tattoos For Kids

Looking for a fun and varied party favor? Consider looking into temporary tattoos! Kid temporary tattoos are always big hits — and fun for the little ones to trade around. They’re a safe, customizable, and inexpensive option and will entertain kids long after the party is over. It can also be a fun party activity […]

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Reasons to Consider Making a Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Have you ever considered making an appointment for laser hair removal? Just like visiting the nail salon, getting your hair cut and colored, or making an appointment for a spa day, people like to pamper themselves with different types of hair removal. It can free up some time in your day-to-day life and removes the […]

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