Month: July 2017

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Live The Luxuries Life You Want By Looking the Part

I?m sure you have heard the saying that if you look good, you feel good. If you have or have not, then I?m sure you?ve heard the saying that clothes make the man. Another very relevant saying that gets tossed around is that you have to dress to impress. When taking all these phrases into […]

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Shoes And Belts; Two Essential Aspect Of Mens Luxury Clothing

It’s no secret that exotic belts are one of the best ways to add spice and pizazz to virtually any ensemble. Plus, shoe trees are recommended to keep your shoes healthy. They help retain the shape of the shoe and will dry them out faster. There are 2 types of shoe trees: plastic and wooden. […]

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Dare to be Different and Try A New Hair Color or Cut!

You’ve probably heard of Brazilian waxes. But have you heard about a Brazilian blowout? A professional Brazilian blowout will leave your hair shiny, frizz-free, and hydrated and you’ll feel ready for your model shot! Trying something new at your local beauty salons can be a fun and adventurous experience, whether you opt for a professional […]

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Three Reasons Why People Enjoy Following Celeb News

Many people like to follow celeb news, even though most of them won?t admit to it. Celebrity news is a business unto itself, and the revenue created from that is well over $2 billion every year. Although following celebrities in the news is most popular with younger people who are less than 37 years old, […]

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Are You Happy with What You See When You Look in the Mirror?

These summer mornings are exhausting. Even though the kids are out of school, the combination of their early morning swimming practices and late night softball and baseball games are wearing you out. Although your summers were once a time to relax from your teaching job, the kids’ activities are making it difficult. The schedule you […]

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Want To Do Your Part To Help the Environment? Donate Clothes!

Clothing and the Environment Many people own far more clothes than they regularly wear. And yet, simply throwing it away always seems like such a waste. That’s because it is! Many experts say that clothing that hasn’t been worn in the last six months should be taken out of your house. But where are you […]

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