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Want To Do Your Part To Help the Environment? Donate Clothes!

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Clothing and the Environment

Many people own far more clothes than they regularly wear. And yet, simply throwing it away always seems like such a waste. That’s because it is! Many experts say that clothing that hasn’t been worn in the last six months should be taken out of your house. But where are you supposed to take it? Thankfully, there are many organizations that accept clothing donations and will help take the burden of excess clothes off your shoulders.

Donating clothing is one of the best ways to rid yourself of excess clothing. This is because it allows you to pass along old clothing to individuals who may not be able to afford new clothes. In fact, more than three quarters of donated clothes are used by organizations that accept clothing donations to give them to the needy.

Yet, clothing donations do even more. They help protect the planet. Between greenhouse gases and limited space for trash, it is important to be environmentally conscious of our actions. As a result, donating your clothes can help to reduce your carbon footprint!

Top 3 Benefits of Clothing Donations

  • Reduce. Organizations that accept clothing donations help us to protect the environment by providing an avenue that allows others to obtain secondhand clothing. Without these organizations, used clothing would take up even more space in landfills. However, we are able to do our part in protecting the environment by donating clothing to charity and reduce the amount of textiles in landfills.
  • Reuse. We are also able to protect the environment when we donate clothes, because it means that fewer clothes are required to be made. This results in a reduction of carbon emissions. Reusing old materials means fewer materials need to be created, which protects the environment from even more greenhouse gases and carbon emissions.
  • Recycle. Recycling old clothing allows us to conserve energy, because a lot of energy is necessary to produce new textiles and materials. Donating clothing and purchasing it secondhand requires less water and electricity to be used in this process. This is yet another way in which clothing donation allows us to help the environment.

Why You Should Donate Your Clothes

Donating your clothes has many benefits. It helps the environment and it helps those who may be less fortunate. The average American throws away more than 80 pounds of textiles annually. But with clothing donation, we can do our part to reduce this number and reduce our waste. Virtually all Americans already take part in some form of charitable donation each year, so why not donate clothes as well?

04 Jul 2017

Four Reasons to Give Your Old Stuff to Charity

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If you are American, you are among the most fortunate people on the planet. We have so much food, it exceeds the amount we need and many of us struggle with overeating. In fact, there’s an entire industry built around learning to eat less of the food that we have readily at our fingertips. We have so many things that many times we get bogged down with our possessions. It’s impossible to get the house clean with all the stuff we have, and it’s difficult to think clearly among the clutter as well.

This is why we recommend, at least twice a year, going through your home and making charitable donations of the things you don’t want or need any more. When you make household goods and clothing donations, the world is a better place, for more reasons than one:

Four Reasons The Earth is a Better Place When You Give to Charity

  1. The organization you donate to is able to further their cause.

    For the most part, organizations that accept donations of household items and clothing do so for a good cause. Maybe they help military families. Maybe they help puppies. Maybe they help the puppies of military families. There is a cause for everything.

    Your donations might directly go to the military families or puppies that the cause you donated to supports, or (more likely) they might sell your unneeded household items in a thrift store to convert your junk to cash to meet the needs of the puppies, military families, or puppies of military families that they support.

    If there is a cause that you are passionate about, clearing out the unneeded junk in your home and donating it to a charity that supports that cause is an amazing way to do good for something that matters to you, while cleaning your home out, without costing you any extra money.

  2. Your mind, soul, and spirit are better off.
    When your home is filled with clutter, it clutters the mind. You can’t think clearly. You develop a sense of anxiety. In fact, sometimes the brain misinterprets your real problem (that you have too much stuff that you have no need for) and thinks that what’s wrong is that you’re lacking. This makes you go buy more stuff, and more stuff, in pursuit of that one thing that will make you feel fulfilled.

    This never-ending cycle is stopped when you donate your unneeded items to charity. Instead of being stuck in a rut that makes you feel like you never have enough stuff, and also gives you anxiety because you have too much stuff, giving to charity helps you clear clutter from your home, which also clears your mind.

    Also, doing good gives you a sense of warm fuzzies that energizes the mind and body.
  3. The Earth is better of when you donate to charity.

    It’s no secret that humankind is really hard on our planet. We make the things we don’t need in factories that use a lot of energy and produces a lot of pollution. When we’re done with said item that we don’t need, we throw it in a landfill, basically a giant hole full of trash in the ground. Then we replace it with another item we don’t need. The whole process makes the Earth send out frowny face emoticons to its friends.

    When you give to a good cause, it also helps Mother Nature. You’re giving your unneeded item another life instead of throwing it into the trash. The person who buys your donated good doesn’t have to go buy it brand new, which saves that energy and pollution that would have been produced making it twice. Plus, when an item is reused instead of made twice, the wasted energy of shipping and the wasted trash of packaging the item are saved. This makes the earth send the emoticon with the huge smile and the heart eyes.

  4. The economy is better when you give to charity.

    The charity you help is better off when you donate unneeded items, but so is the people who buy your goods for pennies on the dollar of what they’d have to pay for it new. Since they have more money, the other businesses they are able to use benefit from your donation. Your whole economy wins!

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19 Apr 2017