College Campuses Where Apparel Meets Fun

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Americans view college as a rite of passage among youth, a way for teenagers to grow from adolescents to young adults in a transition that generally takes place, in at least standard terms, four years. The rite of college is looked at with both trepidation and longing for parents above a certain age. College was a wild time; but it was dangerous as well.

Part of the issue with colleges today has to do with underage alcohol consumption. For youths, particularly between the ages of 18 and 24, the experience with alcohol becomes more entrenched in their day to day lives as drinking becomes more prevalent. That’s a key issue facing college campuses today.

Part of the issue that young adults face with alcohol is the codified acceptance of it within college campuses at use in parties and other social functions. Tailgates in particular, with college football, are seen as events where people, young adults and the elderly and all in between, get drunk in the early morning hours in preparation for a game.

The ease in availability of alcohol on campus is perhaps another concern for college administrators when policing a policy of limiting excessive underage drinking. While some college campuses have become “dry” meaning no alcohol is allowed on them, many college students find the acquisition easy outside of campus, sometimes just outside.

The prevalence of house parties, frat parties, holiday parties, and general parties, as well as one party affairs and drinking in apartments, create an impression for any 18-year-old who steps onto campus that drinking is the norm and that people should be expected to drink heavily to fit in.

Fitting in may leave a bad impression or lead to some unnecessary and dangerous activities for any young adult attempting to tap into the party nature within campus. A drink is a portal towards loose and uninhibited behavior, which while in college may not have as many consequences; however, removed from campus those behaviors will be detrimental.

Overconsumption of alcohol leads to many consequences for young adults, including alcohol poisoning, which can result in hospitalization, to stunts done for attention, which can lead to bodily harm, to interactions with campus (or municipal) police forces.

Campuses have many other issues as well, as could be stated with time allowed. The prevalence on campuses for sexual assault is well known, though efforts have been made to curb that by policing fraternity and sorority policies, as well as issuing out “light” boxes on certain areas where a button can be pressed and police will be called.

Of course, for many students, this leads to a thorough debunking of all the truisms made about college. Yes, it is wild and debauched and different ways of being loose, but it is also chock full of pitfall that befell people if they are not careful. This may detract from the overall college ride but can lend it some interesting components as well.

One of the more interesting components of college is the pursuit of academic excellence, while enjoying the fun of being a spectator at athletic events. As a young adult, students have the opportunity to attend basketball, football, softball, and other sporting events without the predilections of their family members watching closely by.

The University of Kentucky, for instance, has one of the most storied basketball programs in the history of the country. They have to their name one of only three coaches who have played for a team and coached a team to an NCAA championship victory (Joe B. Hall).

Kentucky has some interesting facts, such as being the 15th state to join the Union while being the 26th most populous state in the country today. It also happens to be the considered “home” of bourbon, where most of bourbon is produced (though production doesn’t have to be in the state).

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