Summer Is Here The Five Spa Products You Need To Keep Your Customers Looking And Feeling Their Best

Spa products come in many shapes and sizes. Just like your clientele.

One person may be visiting your spa for the first time, eager to try out a full makeover and see what all the fuss is about. Another may be a long-time visitor, familiar with a good brow tinting session and just looking for a touch-up. No matter who comes through your front doors your spa products need to be ready to go. Which ones, however, should take precedence on your next supply list? With spring and summer bringing in a host of new interests, the type of massage spa equipment and esthetician equipment you stock over the next few months will determine just how many interesting customer stories are brought to your table.

Below are five spa products no spa owner should be without during 2018’s hottest months.

Brow Tinting

A niche area that’s rising in popularity, a good spa should have plenty of eyebrow tinting products to satiate hungry customers. Shapely brows are enormously popular on Instagram and in day-to-day life, considered the body’s natural contour and a great way to touch up your look without going overboard. Between 2014 and 2015 there was a 2% increase in spa visits, with a simple eyebrow session high on the list for many customers. The growth cycle for an eyebrow hair is around 60 to 65 days, which is important to keep in mind for any sort of waxing or tweezing session.

Waxing Supplies

What do people look for in an ideal summer look? Smooth skin, cute outfits and, of course, a good waxing session. To wax body hair properly it’s recommended the hair is at least half an inch long for the wax to seal to each strand. This creates a smooth result that lasts longer and grows back better. The global spa and wellness industry is growing by 12% every year and staying up-to-date on seasonal trends is a surefire way to make sure you’re never missing out on the goods.

Nail Products

Fall and winter is the season of gloves and boots. Spring and summer? Everyone has their nails out ready to dazzle the world. The global spa and wellness industry has been growing by an impressive 12% every year since 2007 and good nail products should always be rounding out your set-up once the weather gets warmer. This means simple designs, like French tips, alongside more complex seasonal varieties to get customers talking. The spa industry had a revenue of nearly $100 billion back in 2015. How can your spa take advantage of such an impressive figure?

Skin Products

If there are spa products that never go out of season, it’s skin products. Our skin is in a constant state of repairing and improving itself, creating natural oils to combat dryness and flaking to encourage new skin. When the weather gets hot customers are going to start talking about ways to protect their skin from harmful UV rays while still getting that coveted seasonal tan. Providing simple facial peels to combat scarring or ointments to soothe rosacea will help with getting people to that beach body they’ve been dreaming of for months.

Massage Equipment

Spring and summer may be a time for celebration, but stress, unfortunately, doesn’t take a break. This is where your massage spa equipment kicks into gear. One study found nearly 30% of respondents reporting having recently received a massage to relieve stress. It’s not just older adults heading to their spa of choice for some relaxation, either. Millennials are starting to become more invested in physical and mental wellness, with 55% in a study provided by the International Spa Association heading to the spa in the past month. A good massage can be paired with aromatherapy or heat therapy for maximum results.

Your spa products aren’t static. Neither are your customers. Provide them with what they need month in and month out to help your yearly figures flourish.