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Summer Is Here The Five Spa Products You Need To Keep Your Customers Looking And Feeling Their Best

Spa products come in many shapes and sizes. Just like your clientele.

One person may be visiting your spa for the first time, eager to try out a full makeover and see what all the fuss is about. Another may be a long-time visitor, familiar with a good brow tinting session and just looking for a touch-up. No matter who comes through your front doors your spa products need to be ready to go. Which ones, however, should take precedence on your next supply list? With spring and summer bringing in a host of new interests, the type of massage spa equipment and esthetician equipment you stock over the next few months will determine just how many interesting customer stories are brought to your table.

Below are five spa products no spa owner should be without during 2018’s hottest months.

Brow Tinting

A niche area that’s rising in popularity, (more…)

03 Jun 2018