From Mother’s Day To Birthday Parties Choosing The Right Kind Of Flowers For Your Special Occasion

Flowers are a form of art.

They communicate desire. They cheer a person up on a hard day. They show a significant other you’ve been thinking about your upcoming anniversary for a lot longer than they realize. The art of floral arrangements have been popular for centuries, showing up in old paintings and ancient ceremonies, and today is no different. When you want to put forth a little extra effort in your gesture you reach out to a florist in your area and ask them about their holiday bouquets. There’s something special about a gift of flowers, no matter the occasion.

How can you make sure you’re getting your meaning across?

The History Of Flowers

For as long as we’ve been around flowers have been a way for us to reach out to each other, decorate our environments and express ourselves. Ancient societies all over the world had their own unique relationships with flowers and expressed this love through sculpture, painting, fashion and more. While symbolism has evolved over the centuries, some elements have remained consistent. Red roses in the West, for example, have long since been associated with love and passion. Choosing the best flowers for birthdays or vibrant holiday bouquets means looking beyond the surface…as beautiful as the surface is.

Flowers In Modern Culture

How are flowers used today? Not too differently. Holiday bouquets can spice up any gift basket or occasion, while the best flowers for Mothers Day can truly make a difference to a breakfast spread. Recent studies have found over 65% of Americans feel special when they receive flowers. Another 70% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers can improve their mood. Holiday flower arrangements are a convenient way to enjoy the appeal of flowers while having a professional provide the very best in artistry and composition. What do you know about flowers and symbolism?

Color As Communication

Each flower holds its own unique meaning and history. When each type of flower can come in a variety of different hues? It’s a literal and metaphorical rainbow of meaning. The best flowers for funerals, at least in the West, come in white to respect the passing of a loved one. Birthday flowers, on the other hand, are often yellow or pink to represent joy and love. Baby showers often use soft blues and purples, while red can be fantastic for an anniversary or even a special date. Studies have shown Valentine’s Day flowers are popular among multiple genders, with the American Society Of Florists revealing over 35% of women bought a bouquet for their husband or boyfriend.

Using Powerful Symbolism

Symbolism is using an object, song or color to stand in for something else. Roses are considered synonymous with deep passion and are frequently utilized in mainstream media and fine art. Baby’s breath and daisies, on the other hand, are seen as the perfect representation of youthful innocence. Lilac is a popular party flower, though it’s unfortunately only in season for three weeks out of the year in spring. When you need the best flowers for Fathers day or some holiday bouquets to round out all your hard work, it’s time to turn to your local florists for help.

Using Flower Delivery

Florists are experts in their field. Not only are they deeply familiar with symbolism, they know how to cultivate the most stunning arrangements to help you get your message across. Tulips have a short lifespan of three to seven days, so keep this in mind when asking for a tulip delivery for a birthday party or well-wishing gift. The holiday season sees over 50% of customers buying fresh flowers as a host gift, with another 55% choosing to drop by local florist shops to buy decorations for entertaining. No matter what you’re looking for, you can be rest assured Mother Nature and the hard work of today’s artisans will provide.

Which flowers will represent you best?