Should You Get a Hydrafacial?

If you’re a regular visitor to the spa or a dermatologist, you have heard the word “hydrafacial” being tossed around. Hydrafacials are often raved about on social media, and are becoming increasingly popular each year. So what is so great about a hydrafacial? Well, this video takes a deep dive into hydrafacials and if they are a wise option for you.

Without a doubt, hydrafacials are an extremely popular facial treatment. Instead of simply covering the skin in a serum or exfoliating, a hydrafacial has 3 separate steps.

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First is cleansing, where makeup and all outside dirt and materials are scrubbed from the skin. Then comes exfoliating, where dead skin cells are removed from the face, leaving it smooth and soft. The last step in a hydrafacial is the treatment serum. After exfoliating, a treatment serum is rubbed over the face in order to keep the skin from becoming inflamed. In traditional extractions, a patient may experience minor scarring. Though this is rare, scheduling a hydrafacial appointment instead of a regular facial helps ensure that no scarring will occur on your face.