All About Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums have been a topic of interest for hundreds of years. Can people really read your mind, and how do they do it? Can mediums really contact the dead? These questions still have yet to be scientifically solved, but the thousands of people swearing by psychic readers and mediums begs to differ. In order to dig deeper into this topic, this video provides a snapshot into a psychic medium’s life and how they do their work.

Matt, the psychic medium featured in this video, talks about how he would hear the voices of deceased people from a very young age. His grandmother was also a medium, and his family has a history of seeing the departed.

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Matt recounts several instances where he has helped many parents traverse through their grief for their children, as well as helping them get the closure they need to pursue healing from trauma in their lives. Matt is only a single example, and by no means represents all mediums. All-in-all, mediums strive to help others through their grief and provide a bridge for people to talk with those departed.