What You Didnt Know About Fabric Types

If you love sewing, you’ve most likely encountered different kinds of fabrics. However, it can be pretty challenging and overwhelming to know each of them. But, to make your life easier, we will be listing down the fabrics used in apparel and fashion.

Cotton– When it comes to the most popular type of fabric globally, cotton easily comes to mind. This is popular among apparel and fashion because it’s made out of natural fiber and the cotton plant, which makes it easier to use and weave.

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It is a common fabric among blouses, dresses, infant wear, and shirts.

Linen– Linen is a type of fabric made out of natural fiber and flax plants. It is known for its high strength and water-absorbent properties, making it a good choice for shirts and home furnishings. Despite being an expensive fabric, it is popular in the fashion industry and fabric shops.

Denim– is made of 100% cotton yarn and is one of the most popular fabrics when you talk about jeans. They are light, durable, and highly water-absorbent; most fabric shops that sell denim fabrics price their products at a very affordable rate compared to linen.

Polyester– is made out of synthetic fiber from a chemical reaction. They are often manufactured for sports wears, blouses, and dresses. They aren’t highly water-absorbent but are durable, lightweight, and have zero shrinkage properties. Polyester materials are also cheaper compared to other fabrics.