What to Expect When Using Metal Shipping Services

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Are you looking for a custom fab shop? All you need to do is search for the phrase metal fabrication services near me. Your search should give you a number of reliable companies to use. When you order from a metal fabrication company, there are a lot of things that you can expect. Among other things, you may expect your custom fab shop to ship out your metal products as specified.

Is Metal Shipping Easy?

After you are done searching for metal fabrication services near me, you will now need to find out how easy it is to transport your products. Depending on the type of metal products you order, shipping can be easy or cumbersome, and problematic. You can also choose to hire a traditional LTL service if your shipment is time-sensitive. One of the biggest challenges you can face when shipping metal products is safety. However, your shipping company should clarify everything. For instance, they should provide answers to all your questions, including things like what is lidar technology?

If things were to be perfect, a standard freight would comprise a 40- by 48-inch pallet containing graphite bushings that you can easily load on and off a truck. However, this is often not the case. The dimensions of highly engineered parts like precision piping products needed by a civil engineer company don’t often allow for easy on and offloading. Metal products come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Some can be cylindrical, while some can be flat stock. Some parts can even run the length of a 28-foot trailer. Because of these different shapes and sizes, metal parts require individual consideration when shipping. This is important so you can ensure the integrity of the product and the safety of everyone involved in shipping it.

Determining the Best Shipping and Packaging

A lot of work and money goes into partnering with metal fabricators. For instance, if you need parts for efficient gutter installation, you will first need to search for metal fabrication services near me. Once that’s done, you can choose the most reliable shop and will send designs and deliberate on the costs and other factors. As a result, once your parts are complete, you will need to work harder to ensure that they arrive as expected.

Any reputable fabricator must ensure that your parts arrive in perfect condition. When you search for metal fabrication services near me, make sure to go through reviews. The shop you choose should be willing to accommodate your shipping needs. Fabricators can help you find cost-effective ways to protect your parts from logistics damage. One of the most important stages of the engineering process is package design. This should consider the whole logistics cycle and the shipping requirements.

Bulk Shipping

You can go for a bulk shipping option if you are dealing with parts that are not likely to tangle. When you search for metal fabrication services near me, you should find out if the manufacturer recommends any specific method of shipping. There should be no risk of potential surface damage from contact. If this happens, it will impact the usability of the parts, so you must first make sure that the parts can be shipped together. If any parts shouldn’t be in contact with each other, like precision metal finishing parts, extra steps are taken during shipment.

For instance, the shipping service can use spacers or padding made of foam, paper, or wood. These spacers are used to prevent any scratching or finish damage. If the parts you are shipping can be easily nested together, you will only need paper in between. On the other hand, if the parts are being stacked together, the shipping service will likely use cardboard or plastic to separate them. If your parts have the hardware, the shipping service should use additional padding to protect the hardware. This is also done for parts with sharp edges.

Knock-Down Kits

When you are using a knock-down kit, your parts will be packaged together, and they will be assembled somewhere else. This mode of shipping is commonly used for metal parts used in the automotive, rail, electronics, and furniture industries. In some instances, knock-down kits can also be used as part of an import tax strategy. You can also expect to find semi-knock-down kits where some components are assembled but not completely. If parts are going to be assembled elsewhere, they are usually shipped in flat sheets.

Metal Assembled Parts

If you are looking to ship assembled metal parts, the mode of shipment varies by destination. When doing international shipping, these parts may require end-user packaging. However, this also depends on the next stage of your logistics cycle. When the shipping service requires you to add some end-user packaging, the type of packaging used should support your brand. It must also meet all your destination and labeling requirements. Apart from that, the packaging must fully protect the parts during shipment.

You Must Learn the Rules and Requirements of Shipping

When you are using metal shipping services, you need to learn all the rules and requirements of the shipping process. This will enable you to achieve the highest level of efficiency. You need to understand the process of moving freight safely and securely. There are several commodity descriptions, transportation rules, and packaging requirements that you need to study if you want to work well with metal shipping companies.

For instance, when you check the NMFC guidelines, you will find that metal sheets fall under item No. 106740 per the NMFC. This section will contain all the information you need to know about the type of packaging used. In this case, the sheets must be in crates. This is an essential measure to protect the product during transit. Transporting metal sheets in crates also reduces the risk of injury to dockworkers and drivers.

Shipping Costs

When it comes to shipping costs, if you work with LTL freight shipping, you will enjoy the benefits of reduced shipping prices. This method of shipping is usually used by those looking to move smaller loads. As a result, they can easily reduce the shipping cost for everyone. This also reduces the number of trucks needed to transport their loads. However, if you choose a service that ships for single clients, you will find that it can be way more costly. LTL shipping lumps items together, and this enables these types of shipping companies to save cost on transport while delivering the same quality service as FTL.


The majority of metal shipping companies are moving towards eco-friendliness as a necessary mode of operation. This is something you must check when you search for metal fabrication services near me. Because of the current rate of climate change and the increase in carbon footprints, metal shipping services are hard-pressed to look for eco-friendly solutions. Fortunately, when it comes to metal shipping, LTL is one of the most eco-friendly solutions. By bundling up their loads, these companies reduce the number of trucks needed for delivery, and this effectively reduces the carbon footprint. LTL companies are also able to figure out more optimal pathways. If you want to work with greener companies, then you can go with LTL companies for your metal shipping.


Whether you choose LTL or FTL companies to ship your metal products, your items should be safe. When you search for metal fabrication services near me, you will find that one of the benefits of LTL is that it increases the safety of your metal parts by stacking them together and via ample packing. Metal shipping companies make sure that your metal parts are properly packed. If you are working with LTL companies, you will find that the repack each time a shipment is altered. This is to ensure the safety of your possessions and prevent them from being subject to both physical and environmental harm. In most instances, individual loads are placed in protective containers. This ensures that products are safe.

With both LTL and FTL shipping, great measures are taken to ensure that there is almost no chance of a package getting misplaced. These metal shipping companies use various tracking technologies and safety measures to ensure that every package they pick up is properly looked after. Apart from that, metal shipping companies usually plan their routes with as few stops as achievable. This enables them to ensure that packages are safe during the entire trip.

Better Organization

One of the biggest advantages of metal shipping services is that you don’t need to rely on the shipping company’s skills alone. There are several modern technologies used by clients to track packages. This means that you will receive live notifications of any delays or setbacks. This is what enables you to run your business, and both send and receive your metal shipments with a great deal of reliability.

Shipping Options You Can Expect From Metal Shipping Companies

The majority of metal shipping companies offer a variety of shipping options. While other shipping options can come at a higher cost, they will enable you to better organize your shipments.

One of the shipping options you can choose from is expedient shipping. This should be listed on your company of choice when you search for metal fabrication services near me. If you want your metal parts to arrive faster than the standard periods, you can choose this method. However, you must keep in mind that this method is usually quite costly. The good thing is that you can use it for emergency shipping.

Another shipping method to choose from is Liftgate. You can check if your shipping company offers this when you search for metal fabrication services near me. If you are planning to ship something that exceeds 100 pounds, you should opt for this shipping method. With Liftgate, you can also ship materials to an area that doesn’t have a clear dock for shipments.

One of the most common LTL shipping options is Limited access. You can use this shipping option if you are shipping to areas that aren’t easily accessible due to safety concerns. For instance, you can pick this option for construction sites or rural locations.

There are other shipping options that you can choose if you want your shipment to arrive within a specific period. One of these methods is known as custom delivery windows. The majority of shipping companies often deal with your shipment so that it fits their schedule and workload. This allows them to transport your metal parts cheaply. This means that it will cost them more money if you want your parts delivered when you want.

Freight Shipping Sheet Metal

Most shipping companies usually charge more for shipping sheet metal. This is because sheet metal is usually oiled so it can come out of the press smoothly. While this is essential for the manufacturers, it can be a challenge for the shipping company. During shipping, the transporter will need to find ways to restrict the movement of the sheets. Due to how smooth and oily metal sheets are, they can move around a lot during shipment.

The problem with sheet metal is that securing it so that it doesn’t move around can potentially damage the sheets before they get to you. If you are looking for unvarnished, brand new sheet metal, the moment it gets any imperfections, it becomes less valuable and usable. You must also keep in mind that the corners of sheet metal are razor sharp.

One thing you need to discuss with your metal shipping company when you are shipping metal sheets is moisture. Sheet metal usually comes with rust and corrosion resistance. However, this is not the same thing as being rust-proof. As the shipping company is loading and unloading sheets, it’s crucial to ensure that the sheets are as dry as possible.

Requirements to Ship Metal Products

There are several requirements that you need to meet if you want to ship metal products; for instance, all coil, roll, reel, and spooled metal parts offered for transportation will only be able to move under a parcel shipping contract agreement. This means the contract must be properly executed and retained on file with the shipping company.

You also need to identify all coils, rolls, reels, and spools on the shipping papers using the proper STCC and the commodity description. The same must also be transported in containers or trailers that have been approved by the supplier. Using any other form of transportation not approved by the supplier can cause problems.

These are some of the things you can expect from a metal shipping company. It’s crucial to do your research before you hire any metal shipping company. You must get a few quotes so you can company and find the best service for your needs. Also, before you hire a metal fabrication company, you must start by searching for metal fabrication services near me. That way, you can even check to see if there are custom fab shops that ship to you.