What Is the Best Promotional Item You Can Give Away at Your Next Trade Show?

Promo t shirts

The two retired English teachers were ready to take their ACT English and reading test study techniques and preparation on the road. After years of teaching these same skills in their classrooms, and the last few months teacher private study sessions to one or two students at a time, the two teachers had agreed to their first big audience. Scheduled by the principals of three different high schools, the two teachers had agreed to instruct as many as 150 students in the art of preparing and practicing for the late October test.
They had painstakingly prepared a Powerpoint slide show that started with edits for sample sentences that had been carefully crafted to use a variety of grammar and syntactical errors. They had prepared handouts that would allow the students to follow along and take notes. They even brought along some business cards for their college scholarship essay writing services, as well as some pencils imprinted with the name of their company. They felt well prepared.
When the first student arrived, however, the presenters overheard the young man jokingly ask where were the free t-shirts?
Even before the evening session had started, the two presenters added designing a t-shirt to their list of upcoming promotional pieces.
Pumpkins for Halloween. Footballs for Thanksgiving. Ornaments for Christmas. Eggs for Easter.
Each of these traditional shapes are pretty common representations of the accompanying holiday. And while some might switch out turkeys for footballs and Christmas trees for ornaments, the decision to use a simple shape to promote a holiday is really nothing new.
Take these shapes and form them into compressed towels or compressed t-shirts, however, and you have a fairly new, but effective, marketing strategy. Vendors who give out compressed towels or compressed t-shirts to promote their product or service, however, are feeding the consumer’s love for anything free, especially if it is a wearable t-shirt. Even though they may start the size of small bar of soap, compressed towels, compressed tote bags, and compressed t-shirts grow into full size promotional items when they are exposed to water.
Easier to pack for a trade show and incorporating the element of surprise, compressed towels and promotional items are a popular vendor give away at many trade shows and career fairs.
Are You Looking for Promotional T-Shirts, Bags, or Other Items for Your Next Event?
Did you know that 95% of Americans wear t-shirts? In fact, as many as nine in 10 Americans indicate that they have at least one t-shirt that they refuse to get rid of for sentimental reasons. For many people, the t-shirts they wear help chronicle their life. The shirts help high school students document their college campus visits; help runners track the races they run; help parents collect memories of their children’s elementary, middle school, and high school events. No wonder promotional t-shirts are such popular items, for both vendors and visitors.
Trade show visitors can be easily attracted to a colorful booth with large graphics and gimmicks. The challenge for the vendor, though, is to help those visitors remember the booth’s products and services days, weeks, even months, after the trade show event. The fact that so many people hold onto t-shirts is one reason that vendors like to offer these as give aways. Taking a unique approach and offering compressed t-shirts just adds to the novelty.
Whether they are used for exercising, lounging around the house, or as an intentional promotion of a product, the simple fact that a current customer or potential client has a wearable good that advertises a company name is a great promotion idea. The latest research indicates that t-shirts may, in fact, be one of the best ways to reach both male and female customers. In fact, 70% of men and 54% of women in America today are those who indicate that they own more than 10 t-shirts.
Whether you are an educational service promoting products to high school and college students, or whether you are a business that caters to technology groupies or sports fans, promotional t-shirts are a perfect item to offer. Long after the trade show is over, your company name will still be on the mind’s, and maybe on the back’s, of potential customers.