The Perfect Police Footwear to Protect Our Protectors

Work boots

We are constantly on the move. Society has developed to the point that if there isn’t a hustle and bustle to be somewhere or to get something done, we feel guilty or pressured to find something that keeps us on the go. And while there is such a wide variety of jobs and demands within those jobs, for the most part it is our feet that carries the brunt of the work, rushing from meeting to meeting or cab to office or construction site or hospital or grocery store. There are so many jobs that require workers to be on their feet quite a bit. And those workers would be able to tell you that one of the most important pieces of work equipment would be what goes on their feet.

Strong and sturdy footwear to protect your feet
Some jobs require workers to wear boots or other footwear that meet certain requirements, whether they are steel toe boots or something similar that gives your feet a significant amount of protection. Construction work sites, factories, and other environments where workers are operating heavy machinery or there are other such significant risks, are common places to find specific requirements laid out when it comes to protective gear. The human foot is a strange and intricate mix of power, stability, flexibility and fragility.

There are 26 bones, 19 muscles, 33 joints, and 107 ligaments in a foot. The shock, wear, and pressure that is put on a person’s feet in normal circumstances is enough to seek comfortable and supportive footwear. but these occupations that involve more movement or more risk of falling objects or heavy lifting definitely need special care and attention when it comes to protecting the feet. And of course, in the case of something like police footwear, you want more than just comfort.

The need for balance in the perfect police footwear
Police footwear is another example of the necessity for something more. Comfortable boots are important, as many police officers may find themselves on their feet all day, or may find themselves chasing a perpetrator on foot, which brings in another factor. For the ability to move quickly, the right police footwear should be lightweight and flexible, providing support in case of covering uneven ground. But police boots are still work boots. There should be elements of durable, heavy duty protection for the many unknown factors that officers may find themselves facing, or rather running, stepping, jumping, or climbing into.

Protecting your feet at all costs
You may not give much thought to the fact of how important the care of your feet really is, but attempt to get around or even perform regular daily functions without the use of one or both of your feet, and you will quickly understand. In the United States, the industrial market for foot and leg products is right around $1 billion. These products range anywhere from rubber and plastic boots to guards for feet and legs, to safety boots and shoes. There is a very real necessity and demand for the protection of your lower limbs.

A growing recent trend is in products that keep track of the steps that you take in your day. The focus is of course on health and movement, but the next time that you take note of how many steps you travel in a day, or even over the course of your commute to work, or a random hour of your day, think about how much work your feet are putting in without you even thinking about it. Your feet deserve to be treated right and protected well, and that starts with following the footwear guidelines of risky environments. Of workers who suffered foot injuries, only 23% of them had been wearing safety boots or shoes. It is not worth the risk of having to spend weeks, months or even longer sitting while you attempt to nurse your foot back to health. Wear the right protective gear.