Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Donation pick up

Now is the time when people start thinking about the daunting task of “Spring cleaning.” As the weather warms up people often feel more motivated to take a look around their homes and separate what’s necessary from what’s no longer necessary. Things pile up over time, and most of us are guilty of allowing an abundance of stuff to clutter up our lives.

Once Spring cleaning begins the question is raised of what to do with all of these items. It’s tempting to throw away things that have broken or worn past their usefulness, but there is a better way. Many items can be recycled, even things that seem useless. Their material can be broken down and used again for other things down the line. As for those things cluttering up your space that are still useful but no longer desirable for you, it’s good to consider donating them. You don’t even have to worry about finding a place to drop off some of your donations, as there are organizations that pick up donations for you. So if you’re skeptical about recycling and donating, here are three reasons to hop on the bandwagon this season.

1) Reducing Wasteful Habits

The feeling of throwing something in the trash is often coupled with a feeling of dismissal. You no longer want the thing so you throw it out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, this waste adds up. Consider the amount of things you throw away daily and then add that to all the things everyone else throws away every day. Then turn that day into a year, a decade, a century, and you can envision just how monstrous that pile becomes.

By making a point to recycle items you know can be reused (like paper, plastic, compost materials, etc.), you can gain some peace of mind that you’re not adding to the piles in landfills across the country. Additionally, you’re helping commerce and those dollars saved by business will eventually return to you. When companies have more resources to make goods, prices drop. It might not be an immediately tangible result, but the efforts by many do make a difference on both the environment and the economy.

2)Giving Back is Good

Just as throwing something away may leave you feeling dismissive, giving back often gives you a feeling of happiness. Our brains are wired to feel good when we give to others. Giving charitable donations like clothing donations both helps others while helping you feel better inside. It’s a win-win scenario in this way.

And why not give back? At the very least, many of us can (and want to) sacrifice some of our old clothing. If your drawers are overflowing with promotional T-shirts, flannels that no longer fit, hoodies that are too large, or whatever, why not donate them rather than throw them away? There are people who will undoubtedly find use for them, which is better than having them buried in a closet for years. And if these donated clothes are sold by secondhand stores, much of the money goes toward charitable organizations.

3)It’s Easy to Give Back, Too

One excuse some people might have for not donating their old clothes is that it’s too much of a hassle. In the past, the process was certainly a bit more involved. But today, donating is easier than ever. There are organizations that pick up donations when and where you tell them (within reason). This means the most work you have to do is clean out your stuff, organize it, and decide what you wish to donate. And if you’re cleaning then you’re already doing this anyway. Organizations that pick up donations take the hassle out of the charitable process, leaving you with little excuse to not donate your clothes and other items.

In many ways our society has become very wasteful. While these habits can be hard to overcome, not all is lost. There is still time for us to change our ways and start thinking differently about our clutter. With recycling bins becoming more prevalent and clearly designated, and organizations that pick up donations, giving back to people, the economy, and the environment is becoming easier and more gratifying. Think of all of this as Spring cleaning for the soul and for the Earth.