Making Floral Centerpieces

Beautiful flowers can often cost quite a bit of money at about $29.95, but floral centerpieces can cost more, ranging from $50 to $80. Standing sprays and casket sprays can start at $100 and go up past $200 respectively. The complexity and size of the floral arrangement will change the price. What do you need to know about making them at home?

You will have to begin by purchasing the flowers that you want for your centerpiece.

Video Source

Choose flowers that represent the occasion you are planning for. They should be left in water and not cut until they are ready to be styled. You may want to paint the flowers to get an exact color match. This video shows a technique for spray painting white hydrangeas for a wedding theme.

Flowers for centerpieces should be hydrated well to keep them viable. They will expand slightly if left in water overnight and should not be left for too long. It is important to choose the correct vase for your flower size. Make sure that the design seamlessly matches the theme for your event.

With this information, you can go forward with purchasing your flowers. Come back to this video for reference on arranging your flowers.