A Day in a Veterinarians Office

Working at a vet’s office can be challenging when you’re seeing between 75 to 100 animals per week that need the same quality of care. This can put stress on a vet’s own self-care. Working in a vet’s office comes with plenty of smells, fluids, scratches (or bites), and hand washing.

When it comes to smells and scents, a vet needs to consider their own scent. Animals rely on scent to identify who you are and pick up on your mood and if you are a threat or not.

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To prevent masking any natural scents that the animals will attempt to pick up on, use natural and unscented products when considering shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions. While that may not seem like something that would make a big difference, it can make animals feel more comfortable, thus making the examination easier.

Working in a vet office can get messy at times. As with any job where you are frequently washing or sanitizing your hands or face, it’s a good idea to have a moisturizer to prevent cracked skin. Selecting one that provides extra hydration that is unscented can help the vet and their animal patients.