How to Find the Best Nail Salon, Ever

Nail salons can be a tricky business to navigate. There are so many choices, and they don’t all seem to be created equal. It’s not always easy to know which hair and nail spa are the best, but with these tips from Polished by Amy titled “How To Choose A Quality Nail Salon”, you should be able to find the best salon for your needs!

Start by checking if the salon is clean. This means that the stations are clean, the tables are wiped down, and the floors are clean.

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Remember by law that every time you use a set of tools, they must be cleaned and sanitized before being used again.

The second thing to look for is whether all technicians are licensed. This is for your safety and protection, as well as theirs. Ensure that all technicians have a current and valid license before you allow them to work on you. The third thing is to ensure there is no odor. When you walk into a salon, you should not be hit with an overwhelming smell of chemicals. If you are, that is a sign that they don’t have enough ventilation and, therefore, are not up to code.

Remember to pay attention to what is being done to your nails. If a technician uses an electric file on your natural nails, that’s a red flag as it causes them to thin and weaken over time. Finally, if the technician communicates well with you, that is a good sign! They should be able to answer any questions you have and make you feel comfortable.