How to Choose the Right Curtains for your Home

Curtains are a focal point of any room and therefore can make or break the entire look and feel of the space. When you’re designing a plan for any living space, you cannot ignore the importance of curtains or drapery!

It can be an overwhelming decision, however. There are simply too many styles, types, colors, and patterns to choose from! Where do you even begin? You should first ask yourself what the curtains’ main function will be.

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Are they strictly ornamental? Or will they serve as privacy or coverage? Do you want curtains that block sunlight altogether or that allow some natural sunshine to trickle into the room? It’s critical that you narrow down the purpose and function of your curtains before you go searching.

Once you’ve decided on the curtains’ function, you can begin to explore different design styles, colors, patterns, and fun fabrics. For this portion of the search, you should have a strong vision in mind. What is the overall design aesthetic or “vibe” of the room? Knowing this will help you search for and find the perfect complement to your windows and the room at large.