DIY Projects Inspired by Rustic Furniture Outlets

Rustic furniture is all about the natural look, mostly using various sizes of solid wood and even pieces of metal. The rustic look gives a natural, earthy look to a house. This video gives an idea of DIY projects which can be done to give a rustic look to your kitchen.

Rustic furniture can also be obtained from a rustic furniture outlet. Certain furniture pieces can also be DIY jobs, with raw materials found from around the house.

Video Source

Ideas for a rustic look for your kitchen:
• A kitchen island with a towel holder
• Floating shelves instead of cabinets
• Galvanized pipe kitchen shelf
• Pendant cage-lights above the sink
• Farmhouse-style kitchen island
• Spice rack made from old wooden soda crates
• Old wooden-pallet kitchen table
• Pot rack secured to the ceiling
• Pot rack made from an old window frame

The rustic feel of an old, yet sophisticated-looking kitchen is quite popular compared to a modern-looking kitchen.

The above ideas are simple enough to be DIY jobs, and so can be done according to the dimensions of the kitchen and the space available.