How to add your own flare on your next event

There are a million ways to incorporate your own style and flare to your next event and you don’t always need to stick to what’s hot and trending. Be yourself and be creative, let your hair down and enjoy some fun with the decorating process.

Choose your favourite colours and run with it. If you love the colour red include it in your scheme. You can have all different shades of red involved in your decor to add an array of gorgeous colour. Select darker reds for the fitted tablecloth and transition into lighter reds with the napkins, cutlery, and smaller decor items. If you enjoy a wide variety of colours you can incorporate them any way you like as well, don’t feel limited to one or two colours. Go crazy with colour and enjoy your event any way you like. Rainbow parties have become a huge hit with both children and adults and can make for some very bright and cheery photographs.

Themes are constantly changing but if you have one in mind you can take it to the max. If you’re hosting a wedding you can have a fancy princess theme, country theme, or even a simple backyard barbecue wedding. You can use burlap fabric and burlap napkins to have that rustic look and keep everything else simple shades and still be creative. If your hosting a child’s party you may wish to include one of their favourite characters from a TV show. Favourite animals, activities, or even colours they enjoy. Remember the party is only one day so if you want to mix it up and get creative and mash a bunch of themes together do it, it may be the best party you ever have!

Maintain a well organized party supplies kit for hosting anytime of year. If you have parties quite often it may be best to keep a well stocked party supply closet for any event or you can even try party planning on the side. You can keep everything hung up nice and organized using table linen hangers, metal table skirt hangers, and labelled drawers and boxes containing all your favourite party gear. You will always be ready to host your next party with a well organized party kit. Using table linen hangers will reduce wrinkling and keep everything looking their best. There are around 2.4 million weddings performed in the United States every year, the events would be a hassle if they weren’t properly organized with table linen hangers and well maintained with cleaning and care.